Police use tear gas: Istanbulers oppose Gay Pride ban

Police use tear gas
:Istanbulers oppose ban on gay pride parade

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Policemen block the way of activists during the actually banned Gay Pride parade in Istanbul.




The Turkish police used tear gas in Istanbul to protest activists who, despite a ban on the Gay Pride parade, demonstrated for the rights of homosexuals.

Thousands of people gathered near central Istiklal Street and Taksim Square, where the parade was supposed to take place, according to an AFP correspondent. For the fifth time in a row, the annual Gay Pride parade had been canceled by the governor of the city.

Also water cannons were ready

The police, however, allowed for accumulation in back roads where the organizers of the Istanbul LGBT Movement made a statement. The police then used tear gas to disperse the participants. The police force on Taksim Square was massive, and water cannons were ready.

The demonstrators, armed with rainbow flags, shouted “All together against fascism” and “We will not keep silent”. Homosexuality is legal in Turkey, but gays and lesbians regularly report attacks and harassment. (AFP)