“The” good thing “about it is …”: AfD politician after malicious Eurofighter tweet in the criticism


Forces at the crash site


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Nossentiner Htte / Berlin –

The AfD politician Udo Hemmelgarn has triggered criticism after the crash of two Eurofighters in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with a malicious tweet. “Now we have another suitable aircraft! The “good thing” is that there will be no further clashes in the air in the future! “, Wrote the member of parliament after the accident on Monday on Twitter. A little later, the tweet was deleted.

FDP faction vice Alexander Graf Lambsdorff then asked Hemmelgarn to resign from his mandate. “You are not worthy to vote on the deployment of our soldiers,” wrote the MP on Twitter.

Also several private users criticized the statement Hemmelgarns. This justified itself with the remark, the two pilots had been already “saved” before its Tweet.
Later, Hemmelgarn recognized this claim as false – the Air Force confirmed the death of a pilot in the afternoon. The AfD politician then expressed his condolences to the relatives. (AP)