Attack in the Gulf of Oman: British Foreign Minister blames Iran

Tanker in the Gulf of Oman extinguishing action

An Iranian naval vessel, according to Iranian news agency, is trying to control the fire on a tanker.



London –

The attacks on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman have been carried out by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, according to British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt.

“Our own assessment leads us to believe that responsibility for the attacks is almost certainly Iran’s,” Hunt said in a Friday night statement from his ministry.

No other state or non-state actor would reasonably consider it, Hunt said. However, the Minister did not present evidence like his US colleague Mike Pompeo did before. The government in Tehran has rejected the allegations.

Precise circumstances remain unclear for the time being

Hunt emphasized that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had already concluded after the sabotage of four merchant ships four weeks ago in the same region that they had been executed by a highly developed state.

The exact circumstances of these incidents, however, remained unclear. US Security Advisor John Bolton later spoke of attacks with maritime mines, for which “almost certainly” Iran was responsible.

He did not present evidence of his accusation at the time.
In the recent incidents near the coast of Iran, two tankers were damaged on early Thursday morning. The second of the two ships, the “Front Altair” of a Norwegian shipping company, caught fire after explosions.

The Norwegian Maritime Authority spoke of an attack, which initially did not confirm the shipping company. The exact circumstances of the serious incident initially remained mysterious. The Foreign Service of the EU did not join the blaming of the US for the time being. (AP)