Bomb discovery on Alexanderplatz in Berlin: defusing on the spot – police changes Sperrkreis

Bomb find on the Alex
:Defuse from midnight – train traffic is discontinued

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Bomb find Alex and Sperrkreis

A World War II bomb was found on a construction site at Alexanderplatz in Berlin-Mitte. The police has set up a blocking circle (14.06.2019).


Berliner Zeitung / Eric Richard, SenUVK / Police Berlin

On Friday, a bomb from the Second World War was found during construction. An excavator driver had the 100-pound explosive device on the Dircksenstrae / corner Voltairestrae suddenly in the shovel. The detonator was still intact, it said in the police.

“The World War II bomb in Mitte still needs to be defused locally today,” the police continued. “Our colleagues are currently making the necessary preparations.” At midnight, the defusing should begin, it says on the website of Deutsche Bahn.

On this construction site a US aerial bomb from the Second World War was found (14.06.2019).

On this construction site a US aerial bomb from the Second World War was found (14.06.2019).


Eric Richard

Train traffic is discontinued

The bomb disposal also has an effect on the Berlin local and long-distance traffic: From about 23.30 clock, the train service of the S-Bahn lines S3, S5 and S7 between Ostbahnhof and Friedrichstrasse is set. Also in the regional and long-distance traffic as well as with the BVG it will come to restrictions, announces the German course.

Since about 19 clock go around 300 riot police through the few residential buildings in the area, which are renovated GDR prefabricated housing, and inform the residents about the situation. “3000 people are affected,” says the police spokesman. “We ask the citizens to find shelter with friends, relatives or acquaintances until we give the all-clear. If somebody really does not find anything, then we will provide an emergency solution with the fire brigade. “The district office has established a contact point in the Karl-Marx-Allee 31 for those affected by the evacuation.

The dome of the TV tower must also be cleared for defusing. Although the barrier circuit on the ground is only 300 meters, there is a danger zone of 1000 meters in the air because splinters could fly so far.

Site near the shopping center Alexa

The site of the aerial bomb is located in a wide excavation pit between the skyscraper, which was built behind the Alexa department store and a semi-finished dormitory. In the pit lie large metal pipes around, various mounds are piled up, the green excavator has sunk his shovel half in the ground. Next to it is a white truck of the bomb defenders.

The excavator driver should not have noticed the aerial bomb in his shovel first, colleagues said. Only when he unloaded the ground did she fall out of the shovel. He had no fear. That was already my third one this month, he is supposed to have said.

When asked if the excavation pit was not searched for old munitions as usual, the head of bomb deterrent Holger Ciglasch said: “Yes, a search was carried out.” Usually, old aerial photographs are used, which the Allies used to check their successes after the bombardments , There you can sometimes see small holes in the ground, in which a bomb that has not exploded is. So a dud like this one.

“Metal detectors were wanted here,” he says. “But there’s a lot of metal, old pipes and the like in the floor of the city, and it can happen that something is overlooked.” A 100 kilo bomb is not too big either. He points to one of the typical orange rubbish bins on a lantern and says, “About that big.”

“It happens regularly that we find bombs. Someone calls 3-4 times a day and says he found something, there are rifle cartridges, but also bombs. “Every year 30 tons of weapons from the two world wars land at the forensic technicians. In this bomb, which weighs about 100 kg, the experts expect 50 kg of explosives.

Bomb discovery at Alexanderplatz: aerial bomb with impact fuse

In this case, it is a bomb with a percussion fuse. He’s screwed into the floor and can not be unscrewed because the metal has rust. The detonator is cut out with a jet of water and special sand at a pressure of 2000 bar.