Queere scene: Berlin Greens demand more visibility of the queer scene

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Participants of the CSD wave the rainbow flag.


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Berlin –

Only last Sunday, a man in Tempelhof attacked a lesbian couple and insulted the two women homophobic. The day before, a man sprayed a 58-year-old in front of a gay bar on Schneberg Nollendorfplatz with irritating gas. The Berlin victim counseling center Maneo recorded more than 380 homophobic and transphobic attacks on queer people in 2018 in Berlin, 50 more cases than in the previous year. The unreported number is high.

Green take stock

“We are the queer capital of Europe, the people come here because you can live here as you like. And yet there are always violent attacks, “said Antje Kapek, Group Leader of the Greens on the occasion of Rainbow Weeks, which started on Friday. With the Action Weeks, the Greens want to ensure greater visibility for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex people and “show the flag for the LGBTIQ community”.

In addition, the Greens after almost three years of red-red-green balance. For example, the first queer youth center in Pankow was opened in September – a project from the coalition agreement.

In addition, a total of € 100,000 has been made available for the construction and commissioning of the LSBTI for queens 2019, which will be covered by the current budget of the National Discrimination Agency (LADS). For the dual budget 2020/2021, the LADS has now registered 160,000 euros for this aid offer.

The shelters provide shelter for people from the LGBTIQ community who experience protection from forced marriages, so-called honor-related violence, and domestic violence for their sexual orientation and / or gender identity. There will be five places. “Especially for gay men have been missing in imminent forced marriage help,” said Anja Kofbinger, a spokeswoman for the genders of the Greens. The best known example is Nassan. The boy born in Berlin should be forcibly married in 2015 by his family, who comes from Lebanon. The boy struggled and fled.

Focus on violence prevention

The most important thing had not yet been implemented, said Sebastian Walter, also spokesman for queer politics in the Greens. Last year, for example, the Red-Red-Green Alliance decided to restart, further develop and anchor the “Gender and Sexual Diversity Initiative (IGSV)” – another coalition project that the Greens would like to focus on. The inter-ministerial package of measures focuses on violence prevention. “But it’s also about supporting the visibility of lesbian women,” says Walter. Another focus is on people who have fled.

Against this background, Kapek also sharply criticized the draft bill for the reform of the Transsexual Act of the Federal Government. It should create new rules when transsexuals want to change their gender and name in official documents. “A quick shot,” a “grab on the barrel,” that was, Kapek said. The draft by Justice Minister Katarina Barley (SPD) would bring no improvements, but only deterioration. The novel is heavily criticized by associations, stakeholders and activists. “It will continue to be held on a surveyor system, criticized the Green Party leader. In addition, a hearing of the spouse should take place.

Criticism of federal SPD draft

“That’s 20s, that’s not possible,” Kapek made clear, “we will not agree.” As a state, Berlin has co-determination rights in the Bundesrat. Kapek announced that it would urge the coalition partners SPD and Left to reject the draft of the federal SPD as well. Instead, everyone should be free to choose which gender they would like to register at the registry office. “Binary, male, female or third option. That can not be that difficult, “said the Green Group Chairman.