Bad weather in Berlin and Brandenburg: Heavy thunderstorms – Ringbahn traffic set

traffic chaos
:Thunderstorm over Berlin provides for more than 200 firefighting operations

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On the paradise street in Bohnsdorf a tree fell on a building

On the paradise street in Bohnsdorf a tree fell on a building.


Morris Pudwell

Heavy storms passed over Berlin and Brandenburg on Wednesday evening. The Berlin fire department quickly and for the second time within 48 hours called the state of emergency “weather”. This means that the missions are prioritized and no longer processed chronologically: Missions with a mortal danger occur. Within just one and a half hours, the Berlin firefighters moved to more than 200 missions.

On Erwin Bock Street, a tree fell on a motorhome as a result of the storm in Berlin.

On Erwin Bock Street, a tree fell on a motorhome as a result of the storm in Berlin.


Morris Pudwell

Berlin and Brandenburg: Traffic chaos after storm damage

With gusts of wind and heavy rain again heavy thunderstorms swept over the city in the evening. In the district Friedenau a tree fell on a convertible.

The two inmates were lucky in the accident and were only slightly injured, said the fire department. Also on Wannsee, where several boats were capsized due to the storm gusts, there were fortunately no reports of seriously injured or missing persons.

Due to the storm, there were numerous restrictions on the streets and in public transport in Berlin and Brandenburg. Throughout the city numerous traffic lights turned off. Due to overturned trees, the Lichtenrader Damm between Dielingsgrund and Reichnerweg and the Tempelhofer Damm between Bayernring and Paradestrae were closed.

The A117 motorway was also partially blocked by a fallen tree between Dreieck Treptow and Raststtte Waldeck West, as the traffic information center Berlin via Twitter announced. Attention was also warranted on the A10 between Oberkrmer and Brieselang, the storm had carried a Dixi toilet on the road.

Particularly hard hit travelers who wanted to use a train of Deutsche Bahn. Due to the thunderstorm technical equipment was damaged, so that in the evening no long-distance trains could drive through the capital. Some trains were routed around Berlin. The block is expected to last until 23 clock, said the train. From 20.30 clock the long-distance traffic was released by Berlin again limited.

Even with the S-Bahn caused the severe weather for severe restrictions – because of lightning strikes and fallen trees, it came to blockages and train cancellations. Especially on the S-Bahn ring there were significant restrictions. Train traffic has been temporarily suspended. The S1 line was interrupted between Wilhelmsruh and Wittenau. The S3 did not drive between Ostbahnhof and Karlshorst, as the S-Bahn announced on Twitter.

At the airports Schnefeld and Tegel there were restrictions on the clearance. Numerous flights were canceled. For safety reasons, the traffic was suspended for 45 minutes.

Gale gusts, heavy rain and hailstorms expected

The storm moved from the southwest over Brandenburg towards Berlin. The German Weather Service warned of gale-force winds with speeds up to 120 km / h and heavy heavy rain with precipitation amounts between 30 and 40 liters per square meter within a short time. Also hail with grain sizes around 3 centimeters were predicted.

Weather Service: Close windows and doors

The weather service advised to close all windows and doors, to secure objects in the open air and to avoid the stay outdoors. When you’re outside, keep your distance to buildings, trees, scaffolding and power lines.

Already in the night to Wednesday severe weather in Berlin and Brandenburg caused numerous damages. The Berlin fire department called the “state of emergency weather” until 3 o’clock in the night.