Bundestag: Mice plague MEPs creates

Pest in the Bundestag
:MPs catch 19 mice

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  • Markus Decker and Jan Sternberg
Mouse in the house entrance

A mouse sits in a doorway (symbol image).



Berlin –

In the offices of the Bundestag uninvited visitors go in and out. Sometimes they fall into the trap – but they keep coming back. These are house mice. Under the Twitter hashtag #bundestagsmaus, left-wing MP Anke Domscheit-Berg announced that her office had captured the 19th mouse in a year and a half.

The offices of Domscheit-Berg are located on the ground floor of the Jakob-Kaiser-Haus, which makes the unauthorized entry into the public-law offices for small rodents seemingly easier. Domscheit-Berg and her staff have installed a live trap and put the mice out in the neighboring Tiergarten. Three of the animals, however, were found dead in the trap.

Mice have long been a problem in the Bundestag

The problem with the mouse in the House is not new: the parliamentary veteran Hans-Christian Strbele, who resigned in 2017, also had a mouse in his office in Unter den Linden. This had fed on crumbs of the particles lying on its floor, Strbele told the RND, and she had run him between the legs. “Others never believed me – until I photographed the mouse.” He did not call an exterminator, added the now 80-year-old ex-politician. “I did not want her killed.”

The question of how often the Bundestag exterminator is used left the parliamentary administration unanswered until Wednesday evening. The administration would not feel ashamed for it: even in the oldest democracy in the world, MPs have problems with mice – Westminster Palace in London is considered a true mouse paradise. (Rnd)