New York: Alleged Bller causes panic in subway

“Many cried and cried”
:Suspected gunman causes panic in New York subway

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New York –

In a New York subway, the alleged fireworks firing has triggered panic. The police said on Friday they reportedly reported that a gun had been thrown into a F car. Subway operator NYCT also wrote about a “firecracker that caused everyone on the train to storm” when asked by a Twitter user.

Eyewitnesses reported scenes of panic. One man wrote on Twitter: “I was just 45 minutes to the stop, and a lot of people came up the stairs. And there were a lot of people screaming and crying. “

Subways are considered a possible destination for terrorists. In 2017, a then-27-year-old man attempted to blow himself up in a subterranean connecting tunnel in Manhattan at rush hour with a self-made pipe bomb. The attack failed. (AP)