Donald Trump: US President threatens Iran with extinction

“Never again threaten the USA”
:US President Trump threatens Iran with extinction

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Washington –

US President Donald Trump has threatened Iran with extinction. “If Iran wants to fight, this will be the official end of Iran,” Trump wrote in the Twitter short message service Sunday. “Never again threaten the US,” added the president. Trump’s threat comes at a time of heightened tensions between Washington and Tehran.

Referring to an unspecified “immediate threat” by Iran, the US government has been moving an aircraft carrier, a bomber squadron and an anti-aircraft battery into the Gulf since early May. It also tightened the sanctions imposed on Iran. For its part, Iran announced on the first anniversary of Trump’s termination of the nuclear agreement that it would no longer comply with certain provisions of the agreement. Teheran also announced that it would take further action if the co-signatories did not meet it within 60 days.

The contracting parties Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia and China want to stick to the agreement. But they have been unable to prevent most of their companies from withdrawing from Iran for fear of US sanctions. The Iranian economy has therefore been in deep crisis since last year. (Afp)