Six times farewell: Not only coach Pal Dardai leaves Hertha in the summer

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Bye bye: Pal Dardai



Let’s start today with an urgent hint: If you plan a trip to the Olympiastadion on this Saturday, which promises to be a sunny afternoon as well, you should start early. Although the match between Hertha BSC and Bayer Leverkusen begins at half past three, on the one hand, the most loyal fans will complicate their arrival by car with their traditional end of season march – two hours before the kick-off at Theodor-Heuss-Platz; On the other hand, it is better to take the place before the warm-up phase, so as not to miss the first highlights of the day.

There will be flowers, framed picture collages, very nice words and probably tears, because the last game of this season is marked by farewell. The coaches Pal Dardai, Admir Hamzagic (both for one year?) And Rainer Widmayer (VfB Stuttgart) will be announced as well as the players Fabian Lustenberger (Young Boys Bern), Julius Kade (Union Berlin) and Jonathan Klinsmann (Future uncertain). The farewell party is interrupted by a football game that Hertha wants to win, of course; But it would not be so dramatic if a season’s end in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium should follow the recent history.

Not again a 2: 6!

The mood was seldom omitted, as team and fans released each other after a Erstligasaison each other in the summer break. Here’s a reminder: 2: 6 against Leverkusen (2018), 2: 6 against Leipzig (2017), 0: 4 against Dortmund (2014), 3: 1 against Hoffenheim (2012, then relegation and relegation), 1: 3 against Bayern (2010, directly in the second division), 0: 0 against Hannover (2005, but still missed the qualification for the Champions League). The last successful May celebrations took place in 2003, when Hertha won 2-0 against Kaiserslautern and just barely slid into the European Cup six. It was the last appearance of today’s manager Michael Preetz as a striker.

There were many messages in the stadium at that time: “Preetz thank you for everything”, “Preetz football god”, “Thank you Langer” and in the east curve, which just got a new roof, the fans had rolled out a huge choreography: “The heads of a glorious era “Up there, down below” Always a part of us “and in between were the images of Preetz, then 35 years old, and co-farewell guest Jolly Sverrisson.

Ultras announce Chreo

A similar pompous declaration of love will also get Dardai, the Ultras have already announced. But only after the game will you see if the outgoing coach is really as cold as he claims it for four weeks. Anyway, on Thursday he repeated: “I have the same feeling as always. I do not feel that it is special. I honestly say that, really. “

However, there is an indication that this game is a bit honest and real and special for Dardai. He ordered thirty tickets, otherwise it was about ten, which he sometimes paid himself. “This time,” Dardai admitted, “I was cheeky, really naughty – VIP even.” And in vain.

Family, friends and the other companions should not forget with all the pressure on the lacrimal glands, that Dardai’s farewell game definitely has a sporting relevance. Table ten is to be it in the end. And: “Fifty goals,” said the coach, “that’s a goal, a charm, men, will do that.” Two are still missing, then Hertha would have even shot more than under Lucien Favre (48), in May 2009 place four reached. And by the way, even then – after a 0: 4 against the relegated from Karlsruhe – the end of season party was a lousy; a victory would mean third place, possibly the participation in the Champions League means. In midfield, a certain Pal Dardai played.