Heinz-Christian Strache: FP boss offered jobs for campaign assistance

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:FP boss should have offered public contracts for campaign assistance

heinz-Christian Strache

Heinz-Christian Strache at a press conference



Vienna –

According to “Spiegel” and “Sddeutsche Zeitung”, the Austrian Vice-Chancellor and FP leader Heinz-Christian Strache should have been prepared to pay public contracts to an alleged Russian oligarch in return for election campaign assistance.

This emerged from secretly created video recordings that had been leaked to the two media. It can be seen how the round at a meeting on July 24, 2017 on the holiday island of Ibiza, the possibility of a takeover of the influential “Kronen Zeitung” by the allegedly rich woman rippling. The meeting was apparently a trap.

Strache and FP politicians convene meetings

According to Strache, the newspaper could take sides in the event of a takeover shortly before the election in favor of the FP. Strache said that the FP could not count on 27 but 34 percent. In return for the support, for example, the awarding of public contracts to be founded construction companies of the oligarch is conceivable.

The woman pretended to be the niece of a Russian oligarch and said she wanted to invest a quarter of a billion euros in Austria, reported the “Spiegel”. She has repeatedly suggested that this could be black money. Nevertheless, Strache and today’s FP politician Johann Gudenus had sat for six hours at the meeting and had discussed investment opportunities in Austria.

Neither spokespersons of the FP nor the coalition partner VP were available for comment. Strache and FP politician Johann Gudenus acknowledged the meeting with the two media. It was “a purely private” meeting in a “relaxed, informal and humid holiday atmosphere”, said Strache in writing.

“The relevant legal provisions and the need to comply with the Austrian legal system was repeatedly pointed out by me in this conversation in all topics.” This also applies to “possibly provided for party donations or donations to charitable associations in accordance with the respective club statutes”. “By the way,” wrote Strache, “in addition to the fact that a lot of alcohol was served during the evening, there was also a high language barrier.” (AP)