Treptowers in Berlin-Treptow: Last Allianz employees are moving out

No alliance for life
:Last employees leave Treptowers

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    Julia Haak

The office tower with the Allianz logo is the tallest building in Berlin.

The office tower with the Allianz logo is the tallest building in Berlin.


imago / Steinach

Everything is still as it was above the door. Allianz is written there in big blue letters. Behind the door, however, the world has changed. No sign of Allianz employees. The insurance company has moved out of the Treptowers. Except for a security guard, there is no one left on Friday.

Excerpt from the Treptowers justifies alliance with changes through digitization

Twenty years ago, the buildings on the banks of the Spree with its distinctive tower on the water were built especially for the insurer. Then the group sold, remained tenant, but cleared the tower and retreated to the flatter building. For expiring lease in mid-2019, finally, the move was targeted. Now it is time. Effective immediately, Allianz employees work in Adlershof. On Friday, the long-planned move was completed.

Except for a tiny rest maybe. A small car parked on Friday at the door. An Allianz employee carries out a potted plant. She is a bit sad, she says. She also shed some tears on her last day at work in her waterfront office.

The move is based on the changed working world. “Digitization has changed work processes,” explains Marion Zauner, a spokeswoman for the Allianz Group in Munich. “The working environments in the Treptowers unfortunately did not meet our current requirements,” she says. Instead of closed offices, there are now modern open spaces, vulgo: open-plan offices.

Not affected is the 125 meter high tower building of the Treptowers

The offices in the Treptowers are rented by Officefirst Immobilien AG & Co. KG. She works on behalf of the actual owner, but according to reports only the four low buildings, but not the high-rise belong. On Friday it remained unclear whether a new tenant has already been found for the low-rise buildings. “The landlord has, to my knowledge, looking for companies that want to move there,” said Oliver Igel (SPD), district mayor of Treptow-Kpenick, on Friday. “The high demand for office space is sure to be reused soon.” In fact, the vacancy rate for office property in the first quarter of 2019 was sensationally low at 1.3 percent. Everywhere else in Germany more office space is empty. In prime locations in Berlin costs one square meter already 35 euros rent monthly. As for a possible new tenant, they kept themselves covered in OfficeFirst. “We do not even say hello to journalists,” joked one employee.

Not affected by the alliance move is the 125 meter high tower building of the Treptowers. The building is still the tallest building in Berlin today and has many different tenants. Officials of the Federal Criminal Police Office have rented offices there, as well as the companies ThyssenKrupp and Siemens. On Friday there is a busy life in the entrance area. Employees of the companies go in and out. Quite different than in the five-storey low-rise buildings next door, where the foyer is deserted and only a few colorful booklets have remained on the construction of the large Allianz Group about art.

The alliance moves from the Treptowers to Adlershof

The skyscraper, together with the three-person sculpture Molecule Man, which refers to the three districts of Kreuzberg, Alt-Treptow and Friedrichshain, has become a symbol of the reunified Berlin after-conversion. The neon sign of the insurance company and logo are still on the roof of the tower. When first used in 1998, these illuminated letters were a proud 15 meters high, but because they were too bright, they had to be reduced to a height of eight meters.

Allianz has leased 60,000 square meters in the new building in Adlershof on the eastern edge of the science and business location (Wista). The curved office building on Rudower Chaussee was completed by Corpus Sireo Projektentwicklung.
Last inhabitant

In the old house a last inhabitant has remained behind. He was left behind when the insurance company Allianz from the Treptowers left. It is a potted plant – a Mediterranean plant, palm-like and very large. Too big for a move to Adlershof. Maybe office plants just do not fit into the modern working world. Alone, the plant stands by the window to the courtyard on one of the upper floors. and wait now for the things that will come.