Decider game in Bochum: The 1. FC Union takes even a nose break in purchasing

Playoff in Bochum
:The first FC Union even takes a nose break in purchasing

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Christopher Trimmel does not just have good memories

Not only has good memories of Bochum’s opponent: Christopher Trimmel


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Christopher Trimmel must laugh as he tells the anecdote: “We have already met in the Austrian league a few times, then, when he moved to Ingolstadt, we met again in the 2nd Bundesliga, where he my nose in the first game The point is Lukas Hinterseer, striker at VfL Bochum, the opponent of the 1. FC Union in the decisive, preliminary last season game on Sunday.

But not only the 18-goal man, who will go for goalkeeper hunting for media reports in the coming season for Hamburger SV, it is necessary to stop if the Kpenicker want to preserve their chance of direct promotion to the Bundesliga. “The Bochum will not give us anything, even if it is for her this season nothing more. But they still want to present their fans a great season finale, “suspects Trimmel.

Union has nothing to lose

VfL goalkeeper Manuel Riemann put it more drastically at the beginning of the week: “I would not like it so much if Berlin would rise in our stadium, so it would be cool if we could somehow prevent that.” But while the Bochum at best remember their football honor There is hardly anything to lose for the Kpenicker on Castroper Strae. If you do not win in Bochum, it’s in the relegation against VfB Stuttgart. The worst-case scenario of this game day would have any Unioner, whether player or fan, filed before the season without batting an eyebrow, printed and sold as a success story.

Especially this comfortable situation releases completely new forces at Union. “The great pressure that has made some players in the second half of the game go, is definitely gone,” confirms the captain of the Iron. “But he was already after the match against HSV.” Here, according to Trimmel, the team, after five winless games again felt that the interplay of offense and defensive still works well. That did not change anything in Darmstadt. “At the moment, many of us are congratulating on our great season, but we were fully aware that we had a really successful round.” For the first time this season, the Austrian gets carried away with a small challenge: “We go into this game in Bochum with the firm belief that it will be our last this season. “

The Kpenickers need durability

The shallow phrase of just-playing-to-play-watching, which the Unioners have motto for the entire game year, takes on a whole new meaning before the match in Bochum. And, according to Trimmel, the team would be less well advised to deviate from their line just before the last regular season game. “I’ve always said that the most important thing for a player is constancy. The same processes, over and over, now help us the most. “But also in the reverse conclusion means that the team does not intend any unscheduled activities before the decisive battle in the Ruhr area. No movie night, no training camp – even lunch stays the same. The magic word for ascension is consistency.

This also applies to the earnings service. Already against Magdeburg players and coaches had promised to keep the results of the match between Paderborn and the HSV from the game, instead, only to look at their own performance. Tomorrow emphasizes: “I am absolutely sure that we take any advantage of it, if someone keeps us informed about the status quo in Dresden. “Union can only influence what happens in Bochum. And then they will throw everything in, Trimmel even the damaged nose. “Lukas likes to break my nose again,” he laughs, “if he does not score a goal against us.”