Burglary in Biesdorf: “Golden Nest” stolen from school – raid in the clan milieu

After the theft of a bird’s nest replica made of fine gold from a Berlin elementary school, the police have searched several objects. In Britz, Buckow, Neuklln and Friedrichsfelde a car and three objects have been searched, said the police on Wednesday evening via Twitter. The broadcast Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) reported that it was a search in the “clan milieu”.

Thieves had stolen the precious landmark of a Biesdorfer elementary school. With special tools, the perpetrators invaded the school at Fuchsberg on Wednesday night and stole the well-secured artwork “Golden Nest”, consisting of 74 filigree branches made of 999 gold. The material value of the Biesdorfer school treasure alone amounts to at least 28,000 euros.

“A real shame,” said City Councilor Gordon Lemm (SPD) in a Facebook post the incident. The artwork was donated to the school as art on the building. Since the new building was moved into the fall of 2018 and the newly created work of art has found its place in the building, two attempts have been made to steal the well-secured work of art.

Bulletproof glass and electronic security systems

The display case with the golden nest is made of thick bulletproof glass, sealed gas-tight and anchored several times in the wall. There were also electronic security systems. A security man had discovered the theft shortly after midnight. The object of the artist Thorsten Goldberg was exhibited between the foyer and the pause court.

The theft of the 818-gram piece of art, whose actual value some experts estimate to be 80,000 euros, reminiscent of the robbery of the expensive gold coin from the Bode Museum on Museum Island. Unlike there, the thieves had in the specific case, apparently no helpers among the security people. They evidently just opened a window.

“The broken windows are still being replaced today,” city councilor Lemm announced. “Whether there will be a replacement for the work of art, we clarify now.” In public buildings, it is customary so far that one percent of the investment for art is spent on construction. In particular, Berlin artists should be supported.

Slips already in 2018 and 2019

Thorsten Goldberg has even waived his copyright in the Biesdorfer case. The school could have exchanged the popular artwork among students after 14 years against its material value. The artist called this a “conceptual foundation”. The proceeds wanted to use the school for projects that should be thoroughly discussed before.

The police do not want to say exactly how the perpetrators stole the gold nest. “We do not comment on the tools of action. First, the evidence must be evaluated, “said police spokeswoman Patricia Brhmer. Investigators of the Art-Criminal Investigation Commission search for witnesses who saw cars or people on the night before the school.

Already in November 2018 there were signs of breakage on the glass. At the end of February 2019, the thieves of art should have tried again. (with dpa)