Mini-Party Congress: Berlin Greens take on a lead application: Expropriation of housing companies only as a last resort

Mini Party
:So Berlin’s green want to prevent expropriations of real estate giants

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The delegate Canan Bayram pleaded for expropriations. Your party wants to avoid this.


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The Berlin Greens have set their position on the expropriation initiative at a small party conference on Wednesday evening. 50 delegates unanimously accepted a leading motion from the state board and party leadership at the party’s federal office. As reported, the party hereby stipulates a compromise between two positions taken in the party, the expropriation proponents and critics: the expropriation considers them as the last resort in it. Before that, all other means should be exhausted and available instruments sharpened.

The paper states that one wishes that circumstances do not force politics to use socialization as a last resort. “However, if housing companies refuse to live up to their social responsibilities, the public sector, supported by a referendum, will take this step.”

Round table for tenant protection instead of expropriation

If the first step of the referendum is successfully achieved, the House of Representatives and the Senate are under an obligation to enter into negotiations with the initiators of the referendum, “who can also enter into a law.”

The Greens want to deviate from the determination on the expropriation of companies with more than 3000 apartments in Berlin. Instead of purely quantitative criteria, they also want to pay attention to qualitative: For example, if a company exceeds the housing number of 3000, but sticks to the rent index, for example, this company should rather not be expropriated. In addition, a Round Table, where representatives of the initiative as well as the housing companies should sit, should develop measures to protect the tenants.

In several speeches the difference to the left coalition partner became clear, on whose state party conference on the weekend the expropriation was demanded with full verve. Not so with the Greens: Most do not really want to expropriate, but use the threat of socialization, especially as a lever to the housing companies. “This referendum helps because it puts a threat in the room,” said the Bundestag Deputy Stefan Gelbhaar. “Nevertheless, we should protect ourselves from always swinging the sharpest sword.”

Canan Bayram: “Honestly, I would expropriate too”

Rarely and cautiously delegates actually pleaded for expropriation: “Quite honestly, I would expropriate,” said Bundestag Deputy Canan Bayram at the end of their presentation. “If the social obligation does not apply, then we must also apply Article 15,” said Lisa Paus. Clearer, more ambitious were the lectures per expropriation not.

More important to the Greens is the dialogue. “We are the dialogue party,” said Andreas Otto, a representative from Pankow. He expressed clear criticism of the coalition partners: “The SPD is matted with the housing industry, the left in the class struggle mode.” The Greens are responsible for as long as it still go to find a solution.