Other inconsistencies: Schools were informed late about abuse in Lgde

Camping Lgde

The campsite in the North Rhine-Westphalian Lgde



Dusseldorf –

In the case of the mass child molestation of Lgde more and more inconsistencies come to light. For example, authorities did not inform the schools about the suspicions at an early stage. Rather, the accused Dauercamper informed the primary school of his foster child himself about the investigation of sexual assault against him. This emerges from a report published on Wednesday by the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Education to the state parliament in Dusseldorf.

Rumors were already making the rounds

Accordingly, the man called the child’s class teacher in November 2018 and also told her that the child was in another family. Rumors about it had come to the elementary school leadership days earlier. “For data protection reasons, the school management could receive no official confirmation by the county youth office.”

At the campsite in Lgde in the district of Lippe on the border with Lower Saxony, the 56-year-old unemployed permanent camper is said to have abused and filmed more than 40 children with an accomplice over the years. Meanwhile, the charges against the 56-year-old and a third accused are present.

Foster child should attract other children

The main accused is said to have used his foster child to attract other children. The girl was housed in his home since mid-2016. In 2017, his guardianship had been transferred to him – despite repeated references to pedophilia. In November 2018, the girl was taken into custody by the youth welfare office Lippe. In December, the 56-year-old was remanded.

Other schools were partially aware of the case until it was publicly announced. With the support of a school psychologist and the police, a joint letter of intent was distributed to all public schools in Lgde on 1 February. A telephone hotline was switched and set up a consulting service on site. According to the report, a school in Paderborn only learned of the case when investigators arrived there at the end of February to pick up a student for questioning.

There was evidence of sexually assaultive behavior

The district of Hameln on the Lower Saxony side wants to present its new prevention concept on Friday. The local youth welfare office had used the 56-year-old at the request of the mother as a foster father for the girl, although there had been evidence of sexually assaultive behavior of the man.
In Hanover on Wednesday, the initiative “Children of Lying” drew attention to the suffering of the children in an impressive action. Around 50 pairs of small shoes – rubber boots, ballerinas and sneakers in bright colors – were set up in front of the Lower Saxony state parliament. Each pair is symbolic of a victim of the abuse series at the campsite in Lgde.

“We demand that the case Lgde be well worked up,” said spokeswoman Ina Tolksdorf. She called for the establishment of a child protection commission and an independent abuse officer at the state level. Lower Saxony state parliament president Gabriele Andretta (SPD) said: “This terrible case has shown us all that we have to look better.” There will be concrete measures.

Child protection in NRW should be strengthened

In North Rhine-Westphalia, the provincial government is also examining whether a child abuse officer is necessary. Child and Youth Minister Joachim Stamp (FDP) is open to this. The NRW state government wants to present a concept for strengthening child protection in NRW in June or July. The aim must be “that all cases of sexualized violence against children and adolescents be avoided through education and consistent protection measures, or at least early perceived,” Stamp had recently said. In the Lgde case, “some difficult-to-understand decisions” had been made. (AP)