U36: German submarine is running aground in front of Norway

Breakdown before Norway
:German submarine runs aground


The German submarine U36 at departure in January 2019


Carsten Rehder / dpa

Berlin –

The German submarine U36 has touched according to marine information after dropping off in the Norwegian port Haakonsvern the reason. The helm would have touched the seabed on Tuesday, said a marine spokesman on Wednesday evening the German Press Agency. The exact extent of the damage is still being examined, including images. This could take until Friday. First, the news magazine “Der Spiegel” reported on the incident.

Another marine spokesman told the NDR that the submarine could be powered by its own power and was maneuverable. No one was injured, according to the report.

U36 belongs to the only German submarine squadron. This is stationed with six boats in Schleswig-Holstein Eckernfrde. U36 had been adopted by the Navy at the end of January for a four-month trip to Norway. (AP)