Well-endangered: Muslim day-care center in Mainz must close immediately


The Al-Nur kindergarten in Mainz.


picture alliance / dpa

Koblenz / Mainz –

The only Muslim kindergarten in Rhineland-Palatinate has to close immediately. The Higher Administrative Court (OVG) Koblenz rejected the complaint of the sponsoring association Arab-Nile-Rhine against a judgment of the administrative court Mainz. The well-being of the children is endangered, moreover, the carrier association is not willing or able to avert the danger, said the OVG on Tuesday. The association had not taken sufficient measures to prevent the children from sliding into a religious parallel society.

Even before the operating permit was issued, the danger of isolating children with a certain understanding of Islam was noted. Therefore, the association was obliged to maintain regular contacts with other kindergartens. Against this and other conditions, the club had violated massively. The welfare of the child is endangered by the difficult social integration because of the handling of the support association with people from the Islamist environment. Due to the previous behavior, the prognosis emerges that the association is not prepared to avert the danger to the children. Whether the club itself should be classified as Islamist or Salafist left the OVG open.

The authorities had withdrawn the operating permit for the Kita from the Arab-Nile-Rhine-Carrier Association in February. The reason for this were allegations that the association represents ideologies of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafism. By March 31, all children should change to other daycare centers. On the other hand, the Arab-Nile-Rhine Association made an emergency application to the Mainz Administrative Court. Although this was rejected, the deadline for closure was postponed to 30 April.

No further transition period after the judgment

With the judgment published on Tuesday there was no further transitional period. The kindergarten was allowed to open for the last time on Tuesday. A first indication of the proximity of the association to Salafism had been given at the turn of the year 2012/2013, when a controversial preacher spoke in the rooms of the association.

In 2015, the association is said to have distributed indexed writings at an intercultural festival. In addition, he is said to have worked with a designated Salafist. In 2009, the Al-Nur day care center was opened as the first Muslim kindergarten in Rhineland-Palatinate. There is currently no other Muslim kindergarten in Rhineland-Palatinate. So far, 22 children between the ages of three and six were allowed to be cared for at Al-Nur-Kita. (Afp)