Injured in Venezuela: armored vehicle rolls over demonstrators in Caracas


A protester throws a tear gas grenade against security forces in clashes in the capital.



Caracas –

An armored military vehicle drove into a group of demonstrators in Venezuela on Tuesday. The vehicle rolled over protesters in the capital Caracas in front of the La Carlota Air Force Base, as television pictures showed. Several demonstrators were injured. According to government figures also suffered a soldier near the base a gunshot wound.

Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino wrote in the short message service Twitter that a National Guard colonel had been injured by a gunshot wound on a road near the base. He blamed the opposition leadership for it. Padrino had previously warned the opposition in a speech to the High Command of the Armed Forces against bloodshed. She bore the blame for the case of “violence, death or bloodshed,” said Padrino, while at the same time reaffirming his support for the left-wing Nationalist leader Nicols Maduro.

The Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed transitional president Juan Guaid had previously called for demonstrations at La Carlota military base, saying that he had received support from parts of the army in the power struggle with Maduro. Thousands of demonstrators, some armed with sticks and Molotov cocktails, came and stayed near the air base.

UN calls on both sides to renounce violence

Maduro has been able to stay in power for months mainly because of the army’s support. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on both parties to renounce violence. A spokesman said, Guterres please “all sides for maximum restraint”. The participants should take “immediate steps” to restore calm.

A group of army personnel had made in Caracas against head of state Maduro and freed the opposition politician Leopoldo Lpez from house arrest. Guaid said he now has the support of “courageous soldiers” against Maduro. It was unclear how many soldiers were involved. The government denounced a “coup attempt” by a small group. The situation is under control. (Afp)