Ken Kercheval: Star died from cult series “Dallas” at the age of 83 years

Cult series “Dallas”
:Actor Ken Kercheval died at the age of 83 years

Ken Kercheval

Actor Ken Kercheval died at the age of 83 years.


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Los Angeles –

Ken Kercheval, better known as Cliff Barnes from the US television series “Dallas”, is dead. The American actor died at the age of 83, as the US industry bulletins “Hollywood Reporter” and “Variety” reported on Wednesday.

The manager of the actor and a spokeswoman for a funeral home in Kerchevals hometown Clinton (US state Indiana) confirmed his death.

The eternal antagonist

Kercheval became famous for his role as the oil tycoon Cliff Barnes, the ever-defeated opponent of JR Ewing (Larry Hagman), from the 80s hit series “Dallas”. In the US, the family drama has been running for money, power and intrigue for 14 years uninterruptedly. Kercheval played in all seasons.

The actor, who began his career on New York’s Broadway, also starred in feature films such as “The Seven-Ups” and “FIST – A man goes his own way”. Kercheval was a heavy smoker. In the 1990s, he fell ill with lung cancer and had to undergo surgery. (AP)