Only 1: 1 in Frth: Union Berlin slips in fourth place in the promotion race

Joshua Mees scored the 1: 0 lead for Union Berlin (20.04.2019).

Joshua Mees scored the 1: 0 lead for Union Berlin (20.04.2019).



Union Berlin has missed a big point in the promotion race in the 2nd Bundesliga. The Iron had to settle for the SpVgg Greuther Frth 1-1 (1-0) despite being outnumbered in the interim, lost two important meters after a lead and slipped to fourth place.

Joshua Mees (35 ‘) headed the visitors’ lead, Marco Caligiuri (67) equalized for the Franks in front of 9650 spectators. The shamrock had from the 38th minute after the red card for scorer Daniel Keita-Ruel due to an attack on Felix Kroos with ten men have to make do. In the 70th minute saw Berlin Nicolai Rapp due to a rough foul the red card.

Green only hits the keeper from three yards out

The Berlin are now five games without a win, while the Frth remained unbeaten at home for the sixth consecutive game. In the early stages, the Frthers set the accents and had a big chance through Julian Green (4th). The preliminary work had done Keita-Ruel, from three yards shot green but keeper Rafal Gikiewicz.

Iron Union needed a 20-minute start-up phase, but then came into play better. When hit by Mees, however, the Berliners luck was on the side, because Paul Jaeckel defense attempt landed in the Union scorer.

The Frth held the game even in a minority and had quite a chance to equalize. In the conclusion, however, something was missing the determination. However, the home side did not give up and were eventually rewarded for their morale. In the 75th minute Gikiewicz steered a shot from Green to the outer post. (SID)