Revocation of book premiere: New ban on Haubrok’s collectible ride

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    Ingeborg Ruthe

The art collector and mobile operator Axel Haubrok

The art collector and mobile operator Axel Haubrok in the Lichtenberg commercial and studio area.


picture alliance / dpa

For a year they have been advised: Do not fret, wait. The situation will change. Axel and Barbara Haubrok, collectors of young art as well as since 2012 operator and developer of the Lichtenberg commercial and studio area “Fahrbereitschaft” in the Herzbergstrae (there was until 1989 the readiness of the GDR government) waited, hoped.

The couple sat on round tables, most recently in the town hall of Lichtenberg, after being banned by the office of the SPD district councilor for urban development, social affairs, economics, employment, Birgit Monteiro: this was a commercial park. It threatens a penalty of half a million euros. The local politician invokes the law, which allows exceptions, because the project has nothing to do with gentrification. On the contrary, more than 70 tradespeople and artists collaborate creatively and participatively in the garages and halls at low rents.
That fits the Haubrock’sche collection of young world art, rejects the SPD politician Monteiro categorically. Despite solidarity of the cultural scene, despite the approval of other local politicians, the Cultural Senator, the Governing Mayor for the project of the collector. The Berlin Art Week 2018 took place without the art in the “driving readiness”. And the upcoming Gallery Weekend has to take place again without the creatively developed Creative Quarter.

Are you leaving Berlin?

Now, the Haubroks in the Kerber Verlag publish a good 300-page catalog on the GDR history, the history of “driving readiness” and the works of their unmistakable collection. At the district they have applied for the book premiere on April 26 in the former casino on the site. Postwendend came the ban: Not in the place! Absurd, this belongs to the Haubroks.

Perplexity. No one on the site, neither the craftsmen nor the artists, not even the interested public can understand that. What kind of a grim power struggle with fatal personal features? Will Lichtenberg risk Haubrok throwing in the towel, selling the area and then raising the commercial rents?

As far as his art collection is concerned, the couple are already looking for another exhibition venue, away from the prevailing ignorance and the greed for events. How stupid, however, would be Berlin, after Erika Hoffmann and Egidio Marzona, who were enthusiastically received with their collections in Dresden to drive away a collector.

Planned book launch April 26, 12 noon, Herzbergstr. 40/43, registration: http: //