Autonomous driving: Test track for self-driving buses comes in the summer

Autonomous driving
:Test track for self-driving buses comes in the summer

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Autonomous bus shuttles will be tested in summer in Frankfurt am Main.


picture alliance / Andreas Arnol

Frankfurt / Main –

According to a media report, Frankfurt is planning a test route for autonomous buses on the banks of the Main. The vehicles are to be on the road from summer on the road then for cars tentatively closed Mainkai in the amount of the old town on the way, as the “Frankfurt new press” reports (Thursday). Department of Transportation Klaus Oesterling (SPD) said: “This will be a middle ground between research, demonstration and entertainment.”

According to Oesterling, small, driverless and electrically powered buses will probably travel back and forth for a year on the test track, which is up to 850 meters long. The city council still had to agree. (AP)