Bundeswehr properties contaminated with hazardous chemicals

Dangerous chemicals
:Bundeswehr locations contaminated by extinguishing agents

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Bonn / Magdeburg –

Many Bundeswehr properties are contaminated with toxic chemicals. “According to the current status of processing, a PFC contamination was detected on 20 properties,” said a spokeswoman for the Federal Office for Infrastructure, Environmental Protection and Services of the Bundeswehr on Wednesday in Bonn. Previously, the Bavarian Radio reported.

The affected sites would have to be thoroughly investigated and possibly rehabilitated, said the authorities spokeswoman. The first suspicions were therefore already in 2016. The toxins are so-called per- and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFC).

Four locations in Saxony-Anhalt affected

The chemicals were reported to be extinguished by firefighting foam used in fires.
The extinguishing agent is partly to be used by civilian fire departments, it said. A spokesman for the German Ministry of Defense said that the German Armed Forces has been involved with their contaminated sites program for more than 25 years for the removal of environmentally hazardous substances in their current and former properties.

Four contaminated sites alone are located in Saxony-Anhalt. Affected are reportedly the training areas Altmark, Altengrabow, Klietz and Holzdorf affected. According to the report, also training areas in Bavaria and Brandenburg are burdened. (AP)