Rebel leader Ignace M. died in Congo

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:Rebel leader Ignace M. died

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Stuttgart –

The rebel leader Ignace M., accused in Germany of war crimes in eastern Congo, is dead. The state of health of the 55-year-old chief of the Association “Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda” (FDLR) suddenly deteriorated in the U-custody on 11 April, it said Higher Regional Court (OLG) Stuttgart on Wednesday with. On Tuesday he died in a clinic outside the prison. As the taz reported it is the University Hospital Mannheim.

More detailed information on illness and cause of death did not have the court due to the prevailing medical examination confidentiality, it was said.

First judgment against Ignacio M. already in 2015

The Stuttgart Higher Regional Court sentenced Ignace M. to 13 years’ imprisonment in 2015 for ringleadering in a foreign terrorist group in cooperation with four war crimes.

The indictment stated that he had controlled the rebel group in eastern Congo with another FDLR official from Baden-Wrttemberg via satellite phone, SMS and e-mail. The defense, however, argued that the two defendants had no control over the military wing of the militia, but had only a political function in the FDLR.

The responsible for state protection criminal matters 3rd Criminal Division at the Federal Court had overturned the judgment of the Higher Regional Court in December 2018 due to procedural errors, while maintaining a large part of the allegations. The case should be renegotiated by another senate. (AP)