Rome: Germans in the Vatican with Kredikartenbetrug flown up

400,000 euros looted
:Germans in the Vatican with Kredikartenbetrug flown up

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A German and her husband are in Italy with credit card fraud flown. (Icon)


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With stolen credit card data a German and her husband are said to have purchased thousands of tickets on the Internet for the Vatican Museums. The resale of 10 000 tickets have brought the couple a profit of about 400 000 euros, the police said on Wednesday. The wife, a travel agent in Rome, and her spouse from Bangladesh were reportedly charged with credit card fraud but not arrested. It was initially unclear how they had come to the stolen credit card data from Americans.

The case flew open as police officers intercepted a ticket vendor near the entrance to the Vatican Museums. The couple had therefore bought the 10,000 tickets for the museums, which also include the Sistine Chapel, for about 210 000 euros online. For 40 to 60 euros they wanted to resell then. On the website of the Vatican Museums they are available for 17 euros per adult. The museums are among the most popular tourist attractions in the Eternal City. (AP)