Police report Berlin: 30-year-old rages in oncoming motor car parade in oncoming traffic

April 15th


Man threatens traveler at the Ostbahnhof with a knife

On Monday morning, a 64-year-old Italian threatened a 39-year-old German at the Osterbahnhof. The two men had clashed loudly, according to the federal police at 2.40 clock. The reason for the Auserindersetzung is unclear, they said. Then the 64-year-old should have pulled a knife. He then made engravings in the direction of the 39-year-old, said a spokesman for the Federal Police. The Italian threatened to “stab off” his counterpart. The German then fled and informed the Federal Police. Shortly thereafter, he led the alarmed officers to the attacker, who was still in a group of seats in the station concourse. The Federal Police initiated a preliminary investigation into a threat to the Italian and ensured his knife, which was visibly carried along in the outer jacket pocket. (Tc)


Raiders flee – policeman delivers the shot

Officers from Section 33 arrested a man in Moabit Monday morning for allegedly robbing an adolescent with an accomplice. According to witnesses, alleged robbers are said to have approached a 16-year-old and his 45-year-old companion in a park on Bremer Strae around 9:30 am. Then they demanded the youth’s money. When he did not follow the request, one of the perpetrators grabbed the teenager by the collar and searched his jacket pockets. After the Duo had grabbed the money of the 16-year-old, it fled with the loot in the direction of the subway station Birkenstrae. Alerted policemen learned that the two robbers had climbed into a subway during their flight. At the Westhafen subway station they left the subway, according to police. Subsequently, they were recognized in the Westhafenstrae by the forces on the basis of the descriptions of persons. While the 24-year-old suspect was arrested, his accomplice ran away. In the pursuit of the fugitive, an officer blew a shot from his service weapon in the air. Nevertheless, the man fled further towards Friedrich-Krause-Ufer. The search for him continues. The 24-year-old now has to answer for suspicion of robbery. (Tc)


54-year-old turns over with cars on the highway

In an accident on the Autobahn 2 between the Wollin (Potsdam-Mittelmark) and Brandenburg, a 54-year-old has overturned his car. He came away with minor injuries and was able to free himself from the wreckage, as the police announced on Monday. Rescue workers took him to a hospital.
The man had lost control of the car in a construction site, had initially left to the left of the road and then skidded. At the construction site traffic to Magdeburg came to a standstill for more than half an hour. (Dpa)


Heavy traffic accident between motorcycle and car

A motorcyclist and his passenger suffered serious injuries in a traffic accident in Charlottenburg on Sunday afternoon. According to the current state of knowledge drove the 66-year-old at just before 17 clock with a motorcycle, the Kaiser-Friedrich-Strae in the direction of Lewishamstrae. At the intersection to Stuttgarter Platz he turned left and apparently overlooked an oncoming car. It came to a collision. The motorcyclist and his 49-year-old co-driver crashed and suffered serious injuries. They came to inpatient treatments in a hospital. The accident site had to remain closed until 9 pm because of the accident recording and the clean-up. (BC)


Two cars burned out in the parking lot

On a supermarket parking lot in Berlin-Tempelhof two cars burned out. The fire broke out in a car early Monday morning and attacked the other, the police said. Nobody was hurt. A witness had noticed and reported the fire. The fire department was reportedly using a fire truck in use. The cause of the fire was initially unclear, according to police, arson was not excluded. (AP)


Sptkauf invaded Wedding

Three masked offenders have ambushed a late purchase in Berlin-Wedding. They threatened the 56-year-old salesman with bars and irritant gas on early Monday morning, the police said. The perpetrators were with money from the cash and cigarettes fled. The seller was treated for minor injuries in the hospital. (AP)


Policemen arrest burglar duo

Policemen arrested two alleged burglars at a petrol station in Mariendorf on Monday night. At around 1.15 am, two perpetrators invaded the petrol station at Mariendorfer Damm and were already handing over the receipts and cigarettes for transport. Alerted policemen put the two 22- and 33-year-olds on the premises and arrested them. They had burglary tools that were confiscated. The duo was transferred to the criminal police. (BC)

April 14th

Falkenhagener field

House corridor dispute ends with knife attack – man seriously injured

A man was attacked in Berlin-Falkenhagener field with a knife and seriously injured. In the hallway of a multi-family house in Freudenberger way the 22-year-old got on Sunday morning with a 19-year-olds together, as the police said. The two young men would probably have argued therefore because of a dog.

As the argument turned into a brawl, the younger stabbed the 22-year-old with a knife in the thigh. He was seriously injured in a hospital and had to undergo surgery immediately. His condition is now stable, the officials said on Sunday afternoon. The 19-year-old was arrested. (AP)

Ziesar (Potsdam-Mittelmark)

Full closure – Three injured in accident on the B107

In one case, three people were injured. It was a property damage of more than 20,000 euros, as the police in Brandenburg an der Havel on Sunday announced. A 77-year-old had driven on Saturday at the B107 on the intersection with the car, collided with the car of a 67-year-old and then rolled over a traffic island. The 77-year-old, whose wife, who sat with a car, and also the 67-year-old, were slightly injured. The ambulance was flown in with a rescue helicopter. Because of the recovery and cleanup work, the intersection was temporarily closed. (AP)

Brandenburg on the Havel / Wollin

15-year-old drives with father’s car and causes accident

During a jaunt, a 15-year-old drove his father’s car to scrap and caused damage estimated at around 25,000 euros. As the police announced on Sunday, he had lost Saturday morning on the highway 2 between Wollin (Potsdam-Mittelmark) and Brandenburg on the Havel in a left turn control of the car. He was flung back and forth to the right of him between the center-protection plank and the trailer of a pick-up truck, and finally, with total loss, remained lying on the middle lane. The trailer with a charged car overturned. No one was injured, but the 15-year-old was rushed to a hospital for a check-up. The father did not know about his son’s trip. (AP)


Fire department extinguishes fire in family house

In a house on the street Alt-Lichtenrade it was burned on Sunday afternoon. As a precautionary measure, the fire brigade and 50 men moved to extinguish the flames in the cellar. The boy spreads out to the first floor. No one was injured, a spokeswoman said on request. The Branmdursache is not yet known. A technical defect was not excluded at first. The exact search will begin only on Monday, when the rooms have cooled, it said in the police headquarters. (BC)


Arrest – Police grabs by arrest warrant

During a check, a 42-year-old was arrested in Eberswalde by patrolmen. As reported by the police headquarters East in Frstenwalde on Sunday, the man was wanted by the prosecutor Eberswalde by warrant. He had previously been fined. On Sunday, the man should be taken to a correctional facility. (AP)


Fire extinguished on recycling yard

The fire on the site of a recycling plant near Cottbus has been largely extinguished. The mission should be completed at 13.00 clock, as a fire spokesman in Cottbus said on Sunday. The pile of rubbish was further pulled apart in the morning, last smoldering fires were eliminated. The federal highway 97, near which the plant is located, has been open since Sunday morning for traffic, the spokesman said.

From early Saturday afternoon, commercial waste had been fired on the grounds of the plant. The fire department was with 107 emergency services and 38 vehicles in use. The city of Forst (Spree-Neisse) was temporarily without electricity because of the fire service on Saturday afternoon and during the night. Because of spray, which fell down on a high-voltage mast, the power supply was temporarily shut down for safety reasons. The cause of fire was unclear for the moment. A company spokesman said the fire was discovered while dumping the waste. “Self-ignition is not uncommon among unsorted garbage,” he speculated. (AP)


Man drops beverage market with firearm

A man has ambushed a beverage market in Berlin-Marzahn and threatened an employee with a firearm. The stranger appeared on Saturday evening just before closing time in the market on the avenue of cosmonauts, the police said on Sunday. He pulled the gun and demanded money from a 68-year-old employee. The robber reached into the open cash register and then fled unrecognized with the loot. The market employee remained unhurt. (AP)


Serious accident – Senior suffered head injuries

In a traffic accident yesterday at noon on Saturday a senior citizen was seriously injured. An 88-year-old man drove backwards from his parking bay at 12.50 in the street Am Schlachtensee with his BMW and lost control of his vehicle for reasons unknown until now. He first bumped into a parked Toyota and pushed this against a VW. Probably frightened by the accelerated 88-year-old and pushed backward against the 81-year-old woman who stood there. The elderly woman crashed and was pushed through the rear of the BMW under a Toyota, where the BMW finally came to a halt. The 81-year-old suffered severe head injuries and was taken to a hospital by rescue workers. (BC)

April 13th


Mercedes rams police car – three injured officials

On the morning of Saturday, a Mercedes rammed a patrol car in Friedrichshain.

On the morning of Saturday, a Mercedes rammed a patrol car in Friedrichshain.


Morris Pudwell

Three civil servants were injured in a traffic accident involving a police car in Berlin-Friedrichshain. According to the police, two policemen were on Saturday for a mission on the Bersarinplatz in a patrol car with blue lights and beeping sound. From there, a drunken, helpless person had been reported who had obviously been walking around the tram tracks disoriented, a spokesman said.

Then the two cars collided at the corner of Frankfurter Allee and Warschauer Strasse. The cause of the accident is still unclear hours later, as a spokesman said.

The two policemen from the patrol car were taken to a hospital. A colleague remained stationary to observe there, the second was already released, it was said in the afternoon. A third colleague was easily injured in the rescue work by a glass splinter on the eye. After outpatient treatment, he could continue his service.

Both cars were severely damaged in the collision. The police car tipped on the passenger side. The two inmates of the other involved car had remained unhurt, it was said. (AP)


Tourists show Hitler salute in front of the Reichstag

Two men showed the Hitler salute on Friday evening. At around 7 pm, two police officers were noticed by two men in Scheidemannstrae. The two took turns taking turns at the junction Scheidemannstrae / Simsonweg, with the Reichstag building as background, and showed the Hitler salute.

They photographed each other. The staff arrested the two 27- and 40-year-old tourists and alerted emergency services. Then they were released again. The police state security of the state criminal investigation office determines because of using license plates of unconstitutional organizations. (BC)


Woman loses control over car – collision with car

The accident vehicle on the German road on late Friday evening in Altglienicke

The accident vehicle on the German road on late Friday evening in Altglienicke.


Morris Pudwell

Late on Friday evening, around 23:50 clock, it came on the German road to a serious accident. A 46-year-old drove towards Germanenplatz and lost control of her vehicle. She collided with a parked car. The vehicle overturned. In addition to the woman, her 13-year-old passenger was injured. The ambulance service provided both. The fire brigade thoroughly cleaned the scene of the accident, as supplies had previously leaked. (BC)


Car is stuck in the track bed – Elaborate recovery necessary

Torstae, 1:40 am: The scene of the accident on the early morning of Saturday.

Torstae, 1:40 am: The scene of the accident on the early morning of Saturday.


Morris Pudwell

In the early morning of Saturday, a motorist drove the Torstrasse and came off the road. The vehicle landed in the track bed of the tram at the height of Christinenstrae. Tram was limited in traffic as a result of the accident. The rescue by the fire department took more than an hour. The cause of the accident is the subject of ongoing investigations. (BC)


Handle the cash register – men raid discounters

At 8:30 pm, two men were working at the discount store on Alley of Cosmonauts at the cash register. While one of the two paid for two soda cans, his accomplice reached into the open cash register. The 33-year-old employee wanted to close the cash register quickly, but was pushed aside by the one man who had previously paid. Subsequently, the robbers fled with the obtained booty. The cashier was slightly injured. (BC)


Mercedes collides head-on with a taxi – a seriously injured

Friday night, a serious traffic accident occurred in Moabit. Shortly after midnight, a 39-year-old Mercedes driver driving on Lehrter Strae got into oncoming traffic. A taxi driver on the Lehrter Strae in the direction of Invalidenstrae collided head-on with the Mercedes. Rescue workers brought the seriously injured Mercedes driver to a hospital. The 33-year-old taxi driver was not injured, a 79-year-old woman, who was sitting in the taxi as a passenger, had to be treated in a hospital. Both vehicles were badly damaged. In the accident investigation it turned out that the seriously injured is not in possession of a valid driving license and also suspected that he was under the influence of narcotic drugs. (BC)


82-year-old seriously injured in accident

In a traffic accident on the night of Saturday, a woman was seriously injured. A 22-year-old Mercedes driver drove around 1.30 clock the Bismarckstrae in the direction of Spandau. He is said to have crossed the traffic lights at the intersection Kaiser-Friedrich-Strae by red light. There he collided with a coming from the left Toyota. Both inmates of the Toyota were injured, the motorist, a 78-year-old man, slightly on the leg, the 82-year-old co-driver was hospitalized for treatment. The young driver had to hand in his driver’s license as a breath alcohol test turned out positive, a blood collection at a detention center followed. (BC)

12. April


Pedestrian runs over the road and is approached

A 30-year-old female pedestrian arrived in Kpenick on Friday morning and was seriously injured. The police reportedly told the police that the woman was said to have run into red over the carriageway of Mggelheimer Strae around 8:05 am. A 44-year-old, who was traveling in the direction of Mggelheimer Damm with her VW Multi Van, could not brake in time and seized the pedestrian. Rescue workers of the fire brigade took the injured to a hospital for inpatient treatment. Mggelheimer Strae had to remain closed until 10.30. (BC)


Man stabbed at drug purchase

In a drug purchase in the night to Friday, a man was injured by knife wounds. According to recent investigations, a 44-year-old met shortly before midnight in a restaurant on Mainzer Strae with another man to buy from this drug. In the course of the conversation, there were quarrels between the two men, so they were expelled from the pub. In front of the restaurant the quarrel then escalated and the stranger stabbed the 44-year-old with a knife in the thigh. Subsequently, the culprit fled towards the airport road. Alerted paramedics brought the injured person to a clinic for outpatient treatment. (Tc)


Train derailed at the station

After Friday morning derailed a regional train shortly before the train station Joachimsthal, the Federal Police now investigates because of endangerment of rail traffic. Around 8:50 clock announced the emergency control center of Deutsche Bahn AG the derailment of the RB 61357 on the drive from Eberswalde to Templin. In the train of Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn AG were two travelers, the driver and two account managers. According to current findings, nobody was injured. The cause of the accident is part of further investigations by the Federal Police. (BC)


Anti-Semitic cries – Islamist arrested

A man is said to have made anti-Semitic remarks on Thursday afternoon in Mitte. Shortly before 16 o’clock a 20-year-old ran along the platform of the subway station Alexanderplatz, line U5, and is said to have made loud anti-Semitic remarks, accompanied by Islamic prayer calls. Two witnesses arrested the man and alerted the police. The task forces took the 20-year-old into custody, where he was released after a detection service treatment. The police state protection at the state criminal investigation determined. (Tc)


Woman threatened Islamophobic

A woman was threatened on Thursday evening in Friedrichshagen. According to statements, around 6:20 pm, a 24-year-old stood at the cash register of a supermarket on the Frstenwalder Damm when she was stabbed in the back by an unknown man. Shortly thereafter, he threatened Islamophobic and fled. The woman suffered a minor injury, but refuses medical treatment. The police state protection at the State Criminal Police Office has taken over the further investigation. (Tc)


Cars and garages in flames

Large deployment for the Berlin fire department. On Thursday evening, several vehicles caught fire in the Bttgerstrae in Gesundbrunnen. The fire department was with 34 vehicles and about 70 forces in use. Strong smoke obstructed the forces. The control center of the fire department itself reported on Twitter from a widely visible column of smoke. Residents in the area were told to keep doors and windows closed. In the meantime the danger was over, it was said on Friday morning. The firefighting took about six hours. Accordingly, a large property damage arose. The police initially assumed a technical defect. According to the firefighters, nobody was injured in the fire. (BLZ / dpa)

11 April


Attack in S-Bahn: Man beats 85-year-old with a fist in the face

A 46-year-old has hit a senior in a train of the S -Bahn suddenly with a fist in the face. The 85-year-old suffered in the attack on Wednesday afternoon at the station Adlershof skin abrasions and swelling in the face, as the federal police announced on Thursday. The attacker was arrested on the spot.
According to first findings, the two sat in the same seating group. When the woman wanted to get out, the suspect rose and struck. What moved him to the act was not known at first. The police are looking for witnesses. (AP)


Postbus collides with train – driver seriously injured

The 31-year-old driver of a post electric car was seriously injured in a collision with a train in Neuhausen near Pritzwalk on Thursday evening. The accident in western Brandenburg occurred at an unrestricted level crossing, as a spokesman for the situation service of the Brandenburg police headquarters said. Other people were not injured. Information on the exact location of the accident was not yet available. The man was taken to hospital. (Dpa)


Police are looking for witnesses to attack on Alexanderplatz

The Federal Police Berlin is looking for witnesses to a violent crime at S-Bahn station Alexanderplatz. A stranger had argued on Wednesday afternoon with another traveler in a S-Bahn, the authority said on Thursday. When the two got out at Alexanderplatz, the perpetrator, according to the police, attacked the 60-year-old Cuban with a bagful of glass bottles. The victim suffered a laceration on his head and was taken to a hospital. Whether a xenophobic motive exists, is still state of the investigation, as a spokesman said. (Dpa)


Rear-end collision with A10 with six vehicles and four injured

In a rear-end crash on the A10 with a total of six vehicles on Thursday, four people were injured. An empty semitrailer was driven at a jam end near the junction Ferch (Potsdam-Mittelmark) on a truck in front, as the police said. The accident in the direction of the Potsdam motorway interchange triggered a collision where five articulated lorries and one van collided.

The drivers of the first four trucks involved in the accident were taken to the hospital by ambulance. Three of the trucks have to be recovered by towing service, police say. The mission continued late Thursday afternoon. There were oil and diesel leaked, said a police spokesman on request. Three of the four lanes in the accident area had to be blocked. (AP)


Torstrae released again

After a fire in Torstrasse in the middle of Thursday afternoon, the operation is now completed. The Torstrae is released again. The traffic jams in the surrounding street would slowly dissolve, informed the traffic information center Berlin.

The fire in a cellar had previously injured a person. He was taken to hospital by the smoke-inhaled emergency services. (Tc)


Protests at the airport: Police investigate against taxi driver

After friction during the taxi protests, the Berlin police determined because of breach of the peace and violation of the law of assembly. In the area of the airport Tegel it came on Wednesday to arguments, said a police spokesman on Thursday. How many taxi drivers and employees of competing companies were involved, still had to be determined. Unknown would also have burned pyrotechnics, it said. Details were initially unknown. (AP)


Car driver drives two toddlers and flees on foot

Two small children were hit in Kreuzberg by an unknown driver and slightly injured. On Wednesday afternoon, the man drove his vehicle into a backyard in the Bergfriedstrasse and grazed a stroller there by a three-year-old boy sat. This was announced by the police on Thursday. Accordingly, it came to the fall, however, the result of the boy injured easily on the head. A five-year-old girl pushing the stroller suffered slight leg injuries. Both children were treated on the spot and later handed over to the parents. Previously, police officers were watching the stranger on Kottbusser Strasse. He drove at excessive speed into the Ritterstrasse and then into the Bergfriedstrasse. There he left the car and fled on foot.

In the evening, witnesses witness how unknown persons at the Kleistpark subway station in Schneberg got onto the back of a towing vehicle, unlocked the accident car and stole something from the car. Whether the unknown is the cause of the accident still has to be determined. However, a connection between both incidents is not excluded. (AP)


20-year-old proposes policeman

A policeman was attacked by a man on Wednesday evening at a mission in Rahnsdorf. A 50-year-old woman had called the police to a property on the Mggelspreeweg because she had quarreled with her partner. Out of fear of being attacked, the woman wanted to leave the shared apartment. Because it should not come to an escalation, she called the police for help, the police said on Thursday. Just as she was about to leave the property with her dog, her 20-year-old son stood in the way and wanted to stop her. A police officer told him several times to clear the way. Since this did not respond, the officer grabbed the 20-year-olds on the upper arm to pull him away from the garden gate. The young man is said to have then pulled out of the handle and beaten the police commissioner. Then he should have detained the official. The policeman brought the attacker to the ground and handcuffed him. The 20-year-old should have repeatedly insulted the police. When falling to the ground, the 20-year-old and the police commissioner injured easily. After identifying his personal details, the son was released. He may want to seek medical treatment himself. The police commissioner was able to continue his service. (Tc)


Burglar climbs on balcony

A burglar was caught in the middle of Thursday night in the middle of a break-in on a balcony. Witnesses watched the man around 9:30 pm as he climbed the first-floor balcony of an apartment on Heinrich-Heine-Strasse. Then he should have broken the balcony door and have penetrated into the apartment. The witnesses alerted the police. As the forces arrived, the suspected burglar fled the kitchen window. However, the officers arrested the man nearby. With him they found prey from the apartment and burglary tool. They then took him to a detention center. (Tc)


Truck driver detects cyclist while reversing

In a traffic accident in Neuklln on Wednesday evening a female cyclist was seriously injured. A 28-year-old truck driver was traveling at 18.30 clock on the Kirchhofstrae in the direction Schierker road. He overtook a 64-year-old woman who also cycled on Kirchhofstrae on a bicycle. A few yards away the truck stopped and let his passenger out. The 64-year-old stopped behind the truck because she could not drive past the truck on the left because of oncoming traffic. The truck driver should then have engaged the reverse gear and reset. He was said to have stumbled against the woman’s bicycle with her rear end, which fell as a result and injured herself badly on the head and on one hand. Alerted rescue workers took her to a hospital for inpatient treatment. (Tc)

10th of April


Police arrest 35-year-olds after attacking sleeping homeless people

Investigations on Tuesday night at 11.30 pm led to the arrest of an urgent suspect. The 35-year-old Pole was arrested by civilians in Georgenstrae. He is said to have attacked and seriously injured a 38-year-old sleeping homeless on April 2, 2019. The man suffered severe head injuries and broken arms. He is still in the hospital.

The urgent suspect came on Wednesday in front of an investigating judge, who issued a warrant for dangerous bodily injury. The further investigations of the 8th homicide commission continue. After the interim investigation of the police state security at the State Criminal Police Office, the 8th homicide commission has taken over the further investigation in the case. (BC)


Cyclist injured hard when escaping from police

A cyclist has badly injured his head while escaping a police officer. As the police announced on Wednesday, the 29-year-old had crossed a red traffic light at the intersection Hallesches Ufer and Wilhelmstrasse on Tuesday afternoon. When officials wanted to control him, he cycled away. A police officer pursued the man on a motorcycle and asked him to stop. According to the police, the cyclist finally came off the sidewalk in the Kreuzbergstrae without any external interference and struck a street tree. He had to be taken to a hospital. (Dpa)


Unknown damage cars of a housing company

Unknown persons have damaged two cars of a housing company in Britz and provided them with political logos. The perpetrators hit in the night to Wednesday a disc, damaged a driver’s door and smeared with paint the letters “Expropriate” and “No return with rent” on the cars. On one of the cars were symbols of Antifa detect, as a spokeswoman for the police announced on Wednesday. The police state protection at the State Criminal Police Office has taken over the investigation. (AP)


Shots from balcony

A 59-year-old has delivered on Tuesday at 15 clock several shots from a gas pressure gun. The man is said to have fired several times in the Michael Bean Ring from the balcony of his apartment. A projectile hit a 45-year-old passers-by, who had seen the alleged shooter standing on the balcony shortly afterwards and alerted the police.

The area around the house was initially closed off for security reasons. Special forces of the state criminal police then penetrated into the apartment of the suspect. The 59-year-old was temporarily arrested and released after a detective mission.

In the apartment were loud police also two deterrent guns and two decorative weapons. All weapons and the small gun license of the suspect were confiscated. (Tc)


Run over elderly woman

A pedestrian suffered serious injuries in a traffic accident on Tuesday in Fennpfuhl. According to current findings, the 76-year-old crossed the lane of Storkower Strae at 15:45 at a pedestrian crossing. Here, the woman was caught by the jaguar of a 41-year-old, who was traveling on the Storkower road towards Mllendorffstrae.

The elderly woman suffered a head injury and was hospitalized for inpatient treatment. The Police Directorate 6 carries out the further investigation of the accident. (Tc)


Masked robbery supermarket – Four people easily injured

Four people were slightly injured in a supermarket robbery in Berlin-Neuklln. On Tuesday night, four masked men threatened the cashier of the business in the Silbersteinstrae with a knife and demanded the revenue, police said. Subsequently, the robbers sprayed accordingly irritating gas. The 31-year-old clerk, a security guard and two clients suffered eye and respiratory irritation. The injured were treated. The perpetrators fled unrecognized with their prey. The amount of booty made the police no information. (AP)

Prenzlauer Berg

Man needs to be revived after apartment fire

In a house fire in Prenzlauer Berg, a man was seriously injured. The 59-year-old tenant of the apartment was rescued by the Berlin fire department on Tuesday evening and reanimated on site, as a fire spokesman announced on Wednesday. The injured man was found unconscious in the bedroom and taken to a special clinic after resuscitation. All other residents of the house on Aalesunder Street were able to move to safety on their own and remained uninjured.

Before 19.15 clock fixtures burned in the kitchen of the apartment in the rear building of a five-story residential building. The fire department was on site with 26 forces. The fire could be extinguished and a spread of the flames prevented. Why the objects caught fire was still unclear. A fire department determined. (AP)

9th April


Jogger caught by car – seriously injured

In a traffic accident in Zehlendorf on Tuesday morning a woman was seriously injured. According to police, the jogger at height Clauertstrae / Knigsweg was captured by an 82-year-old Opel driver, as she was crossing the pedestrian crossing in the direction of Wannsee. Alerted rescue workers, including an ambulance, took care of the 30-year-old and took her to a hospital for inpatient treatment. The driver was unhurt. (BC)

Frankfurt (Oder)

Package with pyrotechnics causes police deployment at Viadrina College

Frankfurt (Oder) (dpa / bb) – A packet with prohibited pyrotechnics has triggered a police operation on Tuesday at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). The parcel had appeared in the post office in an administration building of the university. The police did not rule out that it could be a dangerous object.
Employees and teachers had to leave the building, where the library and the post office are located, in the afternoon as a precautionary measure. Specialists of the State Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA) examined the 30 by 50 centimeters large packet, which was covered with adhesive tape. They found that there was pyrotechnics from Poland in it, as a police spokesman said on Tuesday evening. It is now being investigated for violating the Explosives Act, as the gunmen are not allowed in Germany. Immediate danger no longer existed according to the police.

The closure of the university administrative building has since been lifted. Who sent the package and for what purpose, that must be found out now, said the spokesman. The LKA has taken over the further investigation. (Dpa)


Beaten with blackjacks

In Spandau district Wilhelmstadt on Monday night, a dispute in an apartment escalated. According to the police, two men had met in a house on Schmidt-Knobelsdorf-Strasse and drank together. Suddenly there was a dispute between the 41-year-old tenant and his casual acquaintance, of whom he knows only the first name. What it was in the dispute, so far unclear. The well-known guest should then have hit the tenant with a so-called blackjack in the face. Then the 41-year-old had gone off with a knife on the acquaintance and added stab wounds in his upper body. Subsequently, the man fled with stab wounds from the apartment. A neighbor alerted the police and fire department. The 41-year-old came to a clinic with severe facial injuries. The police are investigating. (Tc)


Policewoman attacked

In Kreuzberg police officers were attacked on Monday night. At around 8.30pm, a security guard alerted the police to the supermarket in Wrangelstrasse. There he got into a dispute with a 44-year-old drunk, because he had a ban on the market. The 44-year-old threatened the officials and did not want to follow the dismissal. When the policewoman and policeman wanted to escort him out of the shop, the man was beating wildly. Rescue workers were able to arrest the man in which he had to undergo a blood collection and identification service before being released. A policewoman suffered injuries to the head, knee and hand during the attack and could not continue her service. Her colleague was injured in the forearm but remained on duty. Against the 44-year-old is now being investigated for assault. (Tc)


Robbery victim injured

A 20-year-old was severely injured in an attempted robbery theft in Kreuzberg more than a week ago. When the 20-year-old was released from hospital, he filed a complaint. Accordingly, he was beaten on April 1, 2019 at 19.30 clock by a stranger in the park at the Gleisdreieck. Before the crime, he sat with two friends on a staircase. Then a group of young men tried to steal his backpack and cell phone. One of the perpetrators attacked the 20-year-old abruptly and hit him several times with his fist in the face. He did not let go of the young man until as pedestrians intervened. The group fled. The victim suffered severe facial injuries. One of his companions, a 19-year-old, suffered a hematoma after receiving a punch. (Tc)


Brand in restaurant

In the early morning hours, a fire broke out in a restaurant in New Heligoland. The fire brigade is currently in action with 60 forces. One could rescue four persons from the building, communicated a speaker. The fire was under control in the early morning, it said. Nevertheless, the forces are still on site. At first it was said that the burning building is the traditional restaurant Neu-Helgoland. However, this is not the case. Instead, it should be an Italian restaurant. (Tc)


Man hits car against tree and dies


In the vicinity of Langewahl, a man died in a traffic accident.


Diday Media

In a traffic accident near Langewahl (Oder-Spree district) a man died. The 26-year-old came with his car on the local road between Langewahl and Streitberg from the road and crashed into a tree, as a spokesman for the police said. The man died at night on Tuesday at the scene of the accident. Why the driver got off the road with his car was initially unclear. (AP)


Roof of a residential arbor in flames

In Berlin-Rudow, the roof of a large residential arbor has gone up in flames. The fire broke out early Tuesday morning in a garden on Rhodelnderweg, as a spokesman for the fire department announced. Around 30 forces were in place to extinguish the fire. A spread of the flames on other buildings could be prevented. Nobody got hurt. The cause of the fire was initially unknown. (Dpa)

April 8th


Car driver opens door suddenly – cyclists seriously injured

In an accident in Schmargendorf a cyclist was seriously injured on Monday afternoon. As the police announced, the 50-year-old was riding his mountain bike shortly before 16 o’clock in the direction of Kolberger Platz on Friedrichshaller Strasse, when suddenly behind the Cunostrae a 62-year-old female driver opened the door of her Ford, he drove against this and then crashed. Rescuers initially provided the cyclist with the bicycle and then took him to a hospital for inpatient treatment. (BC)

Royal Reetz

Unknown steal roof sheets and get stuck

Unlike planned, it has run for unknown offenders in Royal Reetz (district Mrkisch Oderland) who wanted to steal roof sheets from a construction site. For them on the Oder dam was once over, because their vehicle drove there with 40 stolen sheets, as the police said. Traces revealed then that the thieves had to unload the roof sheets again in order to continue driving. The police secured further traces and informed the owner of the roof panels. The investigation continues. (AP)


52-year-old violently injured in fighting in Teltow

In a fight of two men in a workers’ accommodation in Teltow (Potsdam-Mittelmark), a 52-year-old has been critically injured. Arrest warrant was issued against the 30-year-old suspect. He was provisionally arrested and taken to a detention center, as the police in Brandenburg announced on Monday. The man is said to have smashed the 52-year-old on Saturday night with a square wood on the head. This came to a hospital for treatment. The cause of the dispute is still unknown. The murder commission determined. (AP)


Police car involved in accident

A police car driving with blue lights has been involved in a traffic accident in Spandau. According to the police drove the group car on Sunday evening with switched on blue light and siren the Seegefelder road in the direction of Borkzeile. At 19.30 o’clock he should be retracted at red in the crossing area Seegefelder road / Galenstrae / Am station Spandau. He collided with a Mercedes. The 73-year-old driver was at this time in the Galen road towards Brunsbtteler dam on the way. In the collision, two police officers were slightly injured and taken to a hospital for outpatient treatment. The driver was unhurt. (Tc)


Wirt is said to have shown Hitler salute

In Charlottenburg, police arrested a pub innkeeper on Sunday evening after insulting and showing the Hitler salute. According to witness statements, the 54-year-old is said to have fallen into an argument with xenophobic and anti-Semitic people at around 8:40 pm in the Zillestrasse pub with two guests, both 56 years old. Then he should have raised his right arm to the Nazi salute and spit on a guest. Policemen arrested the drunken man and took him to a detention center for blood sampling. (Tc)


Masked men threaten firearm

Two masked men have threatened a 35-year-old with a firearm in Berlin-Marzahn. The duo demanded money on Sunday afternoon on the avenue of cosmonauts as well as a mobile phone from the man, as a spokeswoman for the police said on Monday morning. When a passerby ran past, but the robbers had taken flight, it was said. The 35-year-old suffered a shock. (AP)


Unknown kindle car

Unknown people have lit a car in Berlin-Tempelhof. The car was almost completely destroyed in the fire in the Teilestrae corner Rohdestrae, as a spokeswoman for the police said. Accordingly, a passing motorist noticed the fire in the night to Monday. The police assume arson. (Dpa)


509 road accidents at the weekend in Brandenburg

The police counted 509 traffic accidents in Brandenburg at the weekend. 103 people were injured, said a spokesman for the situation center in Potsdam on Monday morning. No one was killed. In 76 of the 509 accidents there were injured. In 433 accidents caused property damage. (Dpa)

7th of April


Biker seriously injured

A 71 year old cyclist was seriously injured in an accident on Sunday morning. The seniors was on the Magistratsweg in Berlin-Staaken when she collided with a car and crashed. She suffered a severe shoulder injury.

As the police announced, it is still unclear whether the cyclist has driven into the holding car or the 28-year-old female driver had overlooked the elderly woman when reversing, since the statements of the participating start differ from each other. (BC)


Kellerbrand: Fire brigade saves children and dogs

In a fire in an apartment building on Sonnenallee in Berlin-Neuklln, the fire brigade rescued several people on Sunday, including children. No one was injured, according to initial findings, as a spokesman said. The fire department was alerted shortly before 14 o’clock and moved out with 50 forces. Dogs were also rescued. The fire had broken out in the cellar. (AP)


Infant seriously injured in accident

On Saturday night, a baby was seriously injured in a traffic accident in Wedding. According to police drove a 56-year-old truck driver at 19 o’clock out of town on the left lane of Mllerstrae in Wedding. Subsequently, the truck should have turned into the barefoot road and thereby overlooked an oncoming and entitled Peugeot eligible.

In the car was next to the 31-year-old driver and a four-month-old infant in the passenger seat. The 31-year-old could not prevent a collision and drove head-on into the turning truck. This triggered the airbags in the car, which also met the lying in a baby carrier infant in the passenger seat and injured.

His mother, sitting behind the wheel, also had headache and neck pain. Both were taken to hospital for inpatient treatment. The truck driver was unhurt. (Tc)


Accident in illegal car racing

In the night to Sunday it came in Tempelhof to a traffic accident during an illegal car race. According to previous findings drove a 39-year-old taxi driver against 23.50 clock on the left lane of the city highway A100 in the south. At the height of the exit Alboinstrae he could see, according to police in the rearview mirror, how a Mercedes and a Renault approached with excessive speed. The Renault drove past on the right of the 39-year-olds, the Mercedes, however, rammed the taxi from behind.

This caused it to spin, bounced first to the left guardrail, was thrown back and finally came to a stop on the right guardrail. The Mercedes and the Renault then fled at high speed from accident scene. The taxi driver suffered head and neck pain from the accident, but did not need to be treated first.

In the course of further investigations, the Mercedes was detected in Tatortnhe. The car and driver’s license of the 26-year-old driver were confiscated. (Tc)


Police prevent mass brawl

Civil servants of Section 11 discovered in Tegel on Sunday night that two groups of 20 to 30 people were rallying in front of the halls at Borsigturm and were apparently close to attacking each other. A man, armed with a baseball bat, built himself menacingly in front of the other persons.

When the police and policemen intervened with nachalarmierten forces, removed a large part of the two groups from the place. The officers took the personal details of two 20- and 30-year-old men who did not want to comment on the background. The investigation continues. (Tc)


Attacks on police after squatting


One of the squatters is arrested.



On the edge of the demonstration against rent increases and repression on Saturday afternoon, several people have invaded a vacant store in the Wrangelstrae in Berlin-Kreuzberg. They declared the building occupied. When the police cleared the store shortly thereafter, there were isolated squabbles with the approximately 300 predominantly left-autonomous sympathizers of the occupants.

The forces were also thrown at bottles. Three persons were temporarily arrested. (Tc)

6th of April


Woman chases away robbers

In Marzahn, a woman killed two robbers cold on Saturday night. The 49-year-old waited for a tram at 1.50 in Landsberger Allee when two young people approached her, according to the police. One of them pulled a cloth over his mouth and nose, threatened the woman with a pistol and demanded her purse called.

The woman then said that she did not have any money with her, whereupon the young people demanded their mobile phone. Instead of responding to this demand, the woman picked up the phone and told the bewildered robbers to alert the police. The perpetrators then escaped unrecognized. (Tc)


Pedestrian goes over red and gets hit

A pedestrian suffered serious injury at night on Saturday, when he was hit by a car in Friedrichshain. According to current findings, the 27-year-old crossed the Frankfurter Allee around 9 pm at the height of a pedestrian crossing. According to witnesses, the pedestrian traffic light should have already shown red. A 23-year-old captured the man with his vehicle. The pedestrian hit the windshield and was thrown onto the road. (Tc)


Man beaten up at doner kebab

In Kreuzberg there was a dangerous bodily injury during the night on Saturday. According to witness statements, a 21-year-old was at 2.30 o’clock in the queue of a kebab snack on Mehringdamm, when he was hit suddenly by two men with fists in the face.

As the victim then went to the ground, the two perpetrators are said to have continued to kick the 21-year-old, according to the police. Only intervened as witnesses, the two men are said to have fled. The injured party was taken to the hospital with head and face injuries. (Tc)


Bicycle robber beat his victim

On Friday, police section 32 officers arrested a 39-year-old robber in the center. According to recent findings, a 45-year-old man was around 17:30 clock with his bike on the Alexanderplatz been traveling when he was asked by the alleged perpetrator, his bike out.

When the recipient of the request did not come, the 39-year-old should have struck him with his fists in the face. When the cyclist then went to the ground, the offender should also have kicked him with his feet against the head. Only by the intervention of two passers-by of the 39-year-old from the cyclist. The robber was arrested. (Tc)

April 5th


160 officers control hookah bars

The Berlin police on Friday evening in a large operation controlled hookah bars in the district Wedding. Around 160 officers are on duty, the police said on Twitter.

The restaurants are “partly as a Rocker meeting point,” it said. The action was supported by the customs, the regulatory office, the environmental office and the health department. During the operation also several vehicles were controlled in Wedding. (BLZ / dpa)


Detected when turning left of car: scooter driver seriously injured

A scooter driver was seriously injured in an accident in Berlin-Gesundbrunnen on Friday morning. A motorist had captured the 65-year-old when turning left, police said.

The 30-year-old was driving his Honda Civic on Brunnenstrasse in the direction of Rosenthaler Platz. Then he turned left into Bernauer Strasse and caught the oncoming 65-year-old scooter driver with his car.

The motorist remained unharmed, the scooter driver suffered a cervical fracture and had to be driven with an ambulance of the Berlin Fire Department in a hospital. (BC)

Tegel Airport

Passenger makes resistance after dismissal

Without a valid passport and US visa, a 26-year-old Syrian wanted to check in for a flight to the United States. Now the police are investigating him for resisting law enforcement officials.

On Friday morning, the 26-year-old had tried to check in for a flight to Newark. However, the man who came to Germany in November 2015 as a refugee, could only show a residence permit for the federal territory. “He did not comply with the demands of the dispatch staff to leave the departure area. He blocked the clearance, “said a spokesman for the Federal Police. Even a dismissal, the federal police appealed to him, the 26-year-old has made no consequence. Therefore, the police took the man to the office.

In doing so, the Syrian tried several times violently to break out of the holding grip of the officials and knocked his elbows in the direction of the emergency services, said the authorities spokesman. (LAD).


After chase: man shoots at moving car

A car driver has tracked another driver in Straupitz in the Spreewald and shot with a rifle at his vehicle. The 52-year-old had been in a mental state of emergency, said police and prosecutors on Friday. The projectile had hit the car of the 42-year-old man, who was slightly injured. The background of the act were initially unclear. After the provisional arrest ordered the district court Lbben at the request of the public prosecutor Cottbus that the 52-year-old comes to a psychiatric specialist clinic.

The man was reportedly arrested on the night of Wednesday, according to police. After the pursuit he had initially lost the other motorist in Staupitz. When he saw the vehicle again, he shot it at least once. Both men are according to investigators not in a relationship to each other. The alleged shooter lives in Straupitz, his victim nearby. The officers found in the search of the property of the 52-year-old several firearms and ammunition, later more weapons and dangerous items. (AP)


Drunk man beats on bus driver

A drunk attacked a bus driver in Kpenick on Friday morning. According to the police investigation, a witness spoke to the bus driver because there was an alcoholized man lying on the floor in the back of the bus. The 44-year-old bus driver went with the witness to the drunk and addressed this. When that showed no effect, the bus driver shook the man, whereupon he jumped up and immediately slammed. To protect himself from further attacks, the driver left the bus. The bat followed him and tried to enter. Then he fled towards Grnauer Strasse. Officers of Section 65 put him in Glienicker Street. The bus driver was slightly injured by the attack. (Tc)


Unknown beat up suburban passenger on railway station

At the S-Bahn station Berlin-Buch, strangers beat a passenger on Thursday evening. According to the Federal Police he was mobbed against 22 clock initially in a train on the line S2. After the 29-year-old had dropped out, the perpetrators hit him on the platform to the ground and kicked him there. The platoon commander of an incoming S-Bahn called the police and walked in himself. The two perpetrators escaped unrecognized. The 29-year-old suffered facial contusions and had to be treated in the hospital on an outpatient basis. The federal police are now looking for more witnesses to the crime. (Tc)


Drunkard throws traveler with beer bottles

At the Beusselstrae S-Bahn station, federal police arrested a drunk who had attacked another with bottle-throwing. At about 9 pm on Thursday he threw a beer bottle at the back of a traveler’s head. A second litter could be prevented by a witness. This held the 37-year-old aggressor until the arrival of alarmed federal police. Meanwhile, the attacked man left the station. In the provisional arrest, the attacker insulted one of the officials and showed him the middle finger several times. In the homeless man, the breath alcohol test gave a value of 2.5 per thousand. (Tc)


Police resolve twelve apartment burglaries

The police have apparently cleared twelve flat burglaries in Berlin. On Friday morning, civilian convicts arrested a 35-year-old suspect in Neuklln. Police reported that at 3:30 am a resident of Pflgerstrae called the police and reported an attempted burglary to his home. Upon leaving the house, the alleged burglar was arrested. During the search of the man and his home in Rudow, the police found several stolen items that they could assign to earlier burglaries, including a cashbox and cash and money cards. Everything apparently comes from the nocturnal forays of the man. According to current investigations, the officials assume that the alleged burglar acted in Berlin. (Tc)


Again raid against organized crime


New controls against organized crime in Berlin-Neuklln.


Morris Pudwell

Once again, the Berlin authorities in the district of Neuklln have taken a major step against organized crime. On Thursday evening, there have been searches and controls in several Neuklln restaurants, said a spokeswoman for the police on Friday. Thus, the searches are related to criminal clans. Further details were not known at first. Already a week ago, there had been several controls, including in hookah bars in Neukllner sun avenue. (AP)


Series of right-wing threatening mails – suspect identified

After a nationwide series of threatening letters with right-wing extremist content, the police has identified a suspected man from Schleswig-Holstein. The police and prosecutors in Berlin said on Friday. The man is under suspicion of being the author of numerous mails including bomb threats to courts and other facilities. The mails were partly signed with “National Socialist offensive”. They went accordingly to authorities in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Brandenburg. Now it is determined whether the man is also the author of another of the 200 threatening letters that are the subject of the investigation. (AP)


Bakeries invaded

Two bakeries were attacked on Thursday. The responsible Raubkommissariat of the police directorate 2 examines a possible connection. The employees remained unharmed except for a shock in both cases.

The first attack took place at 6:25. An unknown person entered the bakery business at Nennhauser Damm and initially spent himself as a customer. Even during the sales pitch, the unknown should have entered the Tresendurchgang, here have his jacket open, so that in the waistband a firearm came to light. He demanded revenue from the 52-year-old employee. This request was followed by the employee, then the unknown fled.

At 10:15 am, a stranger entered the bakery on Seegefelder Strasse. This time, the suspected robber pulled the gun out of his waistband and loaded it. The 59-year-old employee, however, refused to release the daily income. The man then left the shop without loot and initially fled on foot towards Schulzenstrae. The employee took up the chase and watched as the stranger got into a car and drove off. (BC)


Supermarket invaded

The target of a raid on Thursday evening was a supermarket on Stresemannstrasse. Three masked people are reported to have entered the shop around 9 pm and demanded the proceeds by using a baton. The 25-year-old employee then opened the cash register and one of the robbers made use of this. Then the trio fled on foot over Hedemannstrae in the direction of Wilhelmstrasse. The employee remained unharmed to a horror. (BC)


Car is burning

In a vehicle fire in the night on Friday, passers-by prevented worse. Around 21.50 clock passing motorists noticed flames on a parked Audi and bravely intervened. According to her, they kicked the blast pack out of the wheelhouse and extinguished it. The Audi was slightly damaged in the rear right area. A fire department of the State Office of Criminal Investigation Berlin conducts the further investigation. (BC)


Gas station attacked

In a robbery on Thursday evening, the employee of a gas station remained unhurt. According to her, around 9:40 pm, a masked man unknown to her entered the sales room of the gas station in Gehrenseestrae and threatened her with a knife. He demanded the release of revenue. This request was followed by the employee. Then the criminal escaped. (BC)


Burning car

At about 0.35 am, a witness in the Friedrich-Olbricht dam noticed a firelight on a Mazda parked there and alerted the fire brigade. The first deletion attempts of the man were unsuccessful. The fire department could not prevent the VW Beetle completely burned out. An underlying Mazda was also affected. (BC)


Car cracker caught

After a car crash on Thursday night, a 43-year-old has been arrested. Around 9:30 pm, two attentive passersby observed two men struggling against a transporter parked at Mehringdamm. Then they took out of this various tools and loaded them into a provided Audi. As the observers made themselves aware, one of the two men fled. The second, a 43-year-old, they held until the arrival of alarmed police. The officers arrested the alleged car burglar. He was then transferred to police department 5 of the departmental police department. (BC)

to reprimand

Anglers from Berlin capsize before Rgen and are saved

Two anglers from Berlin have capsized in the Baltic Sea between Stralsund and the island of Rgen with their pleasure craft and been rescued from the cold water. As a spokesman for the Stralsund water police said on Friday, the accident occurred on Thursday in Strelasund before Rgen, an arm of the Baltic Sea. The 54 and 56-year-old men from Berlin could be pulled by other anglers from the approximately 5 degrees cold water and brought with subcooling ashore. Your boat was recovered. Why the duo capsized is still unclear and will be investigated. In Strelasund many anglers are currently also from other federal states, among other things, because of the pegs on the way. (Dpa)


Kradfahrer dies after collision with a deer

A rider has been fatally injured in a collision with a deer on the main road near Bad Freienwalde (district Mrkisch-Oderland). As the police announced on Friday, the 41-year-old was on Thursday evening at 22:20 clock on the road B158 when he collided with the game. The man fell and contracted deadly injuries. He died a little later in the hospital. The exact accident was still unclear. (AP)

4. April


Mobile robbery ends in police custody

Civil servants from Police Section 51 arrested two young men in Friedrichshain on Thursday. Police reported that around 3 o’clock a 29-year-old alerted the police to the RAW compound in Revaler Street, where he was approached, harassed and knocked down by a 27-year-old group. His 22-year-old companion is said to have come to his aid, but was then threatened by a 17-year-old teenager with a knife. The two perpetrators stole a cell phone and initially escaped unrecognized. On the basis of a description of the person, the investigators arrested the two perpetrators in the vicinity and found their stolen smartphone. The officers took the two detainees to a detention center for identification. (Tc)


Woman attacks ticket inspector

On Wednesday morning security employees of the railway checked a 29-year-old without a valid ticket in a line S2 line. At the S-Bahn station Marienfelde they got out together with the Frenchwoman. According to the federal police tried the black woman driver to escape. She punched one of the ticket inspectors in the back of her pack and kicked her leg. The checker suffered scratches on her face. The Federal Police initiated a preliminary investigation against the woman for the elimination of benefits and dangerous bodily injury.


Thieves break through wall


Police in front of the jewelry shop in Wedding.


Morris Pudwell

In the night of Thursday unknown jewelry thieves broke through a wall between a caf and a jeweler’s shop at the Mllerstrasse corner of Seestrae in Berlin Wedding. The cafe is currently undergoing refurbishment and is therefore actually closed. Whether and how much the perpetrator has been captured is currently unknown. (Tc)


Tent was burning

In Schneberg burned the tent of a homeless man on Wednesday evening. The fire spread to a parked car next to it. At 8:20 pm, witnesses had seen the flames on the igloo tent in a public car park in Erfurter Strae / corner of Wexstrae. They tried to stifle the fire with a fire extinguisher. But the flames attacked an Opel, which was badly damaged. Alarmed firefighters finally extinguished the fire. Nobody got hurt. “The resident of the tent was not there and remained unknown,” says a police spokesman. A fire department determined. (Lex)


Gas station attacked

Two unknown men attacked a petrol station in Britz late Wednesday evening. At about 10 pm the two masked men entered the salesroom on the Grner Weg. They threatened the 45-year-old employee and 26-year-old customer with a pistol and a knife. The perpetrators demanded that the employee open the cash register. The 45-year-old came after, whereupon one of the robbers reached into the cash and pocketed the daily income. His accomplice, meanwhile, dropped cigarette packets and stowed them in a blanket he had brought. The men then fled to a car parked in the red tail trail and drove off. (Lex)


Locally attacked

Last night, a stranger attacked a restaurant in Gropiusstadt. At around 10.20 pm, a masked man entered the premises on Lipschitzallee and threatened a 35-year-old employee with a pistol and demanded money. The employee handed over his waiter wallet. Then the man left the store for a short time and came back with a crowbar. Now he tried to break slot machines, which he did not succeed. Before he made the escape, where he lost the waiter wallet, he still stole a guest’s money. The robber escaped with a moped in the direction of Lipschitzplatz. Nobody got hurt. (Lex)


Raser caught

Officers of the highway police caught a speeding machine late on Wednesday evening on the city highway in Britz. The Skoda driver was the police at 10:20 clock on the BAB 113 in the direction of north noticed because he was too fast. Instead of the allowed 80 km / h 146 km / h were measured. In addition, the racer should have changed all three driving stiffeners without using the turn signal. The officials stopped the 42-year-old speeders at Spthstrae. At the check, the plainclothes police found out that the man does not have a driver’s license. He had to continue on foot. (Lex)


Car bounces against lantern

On Wednesday afternoon, a Reinickendorf has overturned a motorist after he had collided with another vehicle. According to police, around 16:30 clock a 21-year-old Nissan driver from the Aroser avenue after the Gotthardstrae. According to police, he is said to have overlooked a 35-year-old VW driver. At the intersection, both cars crashed together. The impact of the impact turned the car of the 35-year-old 180 degrees. The 21-year-old’s car tipped sideways and slid to a central island where it hit the roof against a lantern. Both drivers and the co-driver of the 35-year-old suffered serious injuries. Danger to life does not exist according to police. (Lex)

3rd of April


Aggressive dog bites into policewoman

During a deployment in Berlin-Reinickendorf, a policewoman was bitten several times by a dog on Wednesday afternoon and slightly injured. The policewoman and her colleague were called to Reginhardstrasse because of a dispute over the dog. During the mission, a 19-year-old tried to get away with the Staffordshire mix. When the policewoman tried to prevent this, the dog bit her legs several times. After outpatient treatment in the hospital, the police superintendent left the service. The police investigate for negligent assault. (BC)


Backward moving pickup truck detects pedestrian

An 86-year-old pedestrian was hit by a pickup truck on Wednesday afternoon in Berlin-Reinickendorf and seriously injured. According to police, the lady behind a parked pickup truck in the Kapweg wanted to cross the road when a 48-year-old at the wheel of the van caught her in reverse. The elderly woman fell to the ground and contracted a fracture on her right leg. The seriously injured was hospitalized for inpatient treatment. (BC)


Right turn captures cyclists – 47-year-old seriously injured

A cyclist was caught on Wednesday morning by a right-turning driver and seriously injured. The 54-year-old drove with his Renault at 10 clock Hagenstrae in the direction of Fontanestrae. He overlooked the right-going 47-year-old cyclist when turning right into the Knigsallee. With injuries to the spine and chest, the cyclist was taken to a hospital. (BC)


Cyclists seriously injured in accident

With serious injuries on Wednesday morning after a traffic accident a cyclist came to a hospital. Around 9:45 am, a 60-year-old taxi driver stopped at the right side of the road and the 53-year-old passenger opened the rear left-hand car door to leave the taxi. A 56-year-old cyclist, who at that time drove the fishing island, could no longer avoid the opened car door. He bounced against it and fell to the ground. He broke a finger and suffered a serious leg injury. (BC)


Police suspect shots on regional train

On the railway line at Treuenbrietzen (Potsdam Mittelmark) was allegedly shot on Tuesday afternoon on a regional train of the East German Railway (ODEG). The incident took place near the station, as the federal police announced on Wednesday.

At about 3 pm, the train attendant of the regional train 33 heading for Jterbog had informed the Federal Police about the damage to a passenger window. A hole had been made on the outer pane of the double glazing. Nobody got hurt.

The police are now looking for witnesses who can provide clues to the incident. These can report to the Federal Police Berlin-Ostbahnhof under 030/2977790 or any other police department. In addition, the free service number of the Federal Police 0800/6888000 can be used. (BC)


SEK arrives after a dispute among seniors

A dispute between seniors has called on Tuesday afternoon, a special task force in Berlin-Gropiusstadt on the scene. A 74-year-old had alarmed the police after he had quarreled with a 72-year-old acquaintance in the dispute and this should therefore have threatened him with a firearm.

As the police informs, officials of the SEK were summoned shortly after 17 o’clock in the Cologne dam. An intervention was not necessary because the suspect still opened the door during the briefing of the emergency services.

Policemen arrested the senior and in his home, the officers discovered a firearm and ammunition. Both were ensured. (BC)


Injured foot and dog bite: Two burglars fail with escape attempt

A collapse in a parcel depot in Berlin-Spandau has gone wrong for the alleged perpetrators in several respects. The alarm shrill during the night of Wednesday, policemen arrived and the two men were injured, the police said. A 20-year-old jumped out of the window of the camp in the Streitstrae while attempting to escape and was then treated on an outpatient basis. His 47-year-old alleged accomplice was bitten by a service dog when he was arrested, and he was taken to a clinic. (AP)


Dog owner attacks employees of the public order office

Two employees of the public order office were attacked and injured in Berlin-Marzahn. A 51-year-old employee of the public order office noticed on Tuesday afternoon in Springpfuhlpark a dog owner whose boxer bitch was not leashed and ran around freely. She had wanted to record the personal details of the 40-year-old, it had come to a dispute, said a spokesman for the police. The dog owner, whose 19-year-old daughter and her one year older companion had attacked in the course of the dispute, the employee of the public order, it said.

The woman had been kicked and beaten, as was her colleague of the same age, who came to her aid. Even before the arrival of the police, the 20-year-old fled. The two attackers were briefly arrested. Against all will now be determined because of dangerous bodily injury, the police said. The injured person was taken to a hospital for outpatient treatment. Her colleague was slightly injured but did not need to be treated. (AP)


Car turns on street – Motorcyclist seriously injured

A 71-year-old man caught a motorcyclist in Berlin-Wannsee turning his car and seriously injured. The driver is said to have turned on a solid line on the royal road and overlooked the motorcycle, as a police spokesman said on Wednesday.

The 54-year-old motorcyclist suffered several fractures in the accident late Tuesday afternoon and went to hospital for hospitalization. The cause of the accident remained unhurt. (AP)


Roof truss goes up in flames – house no longer habitable

A fire has broken out in a roof truss of a semi-detached house in Neuruppin (Ostprignitz-Ruppin district). The roof was on Tuesday night for no apparent cause in flames, as a spokesman for the police said.

All four residents were able to get to safety. Nobody got hurt. After completion of the fire extinguishing both halves of the house were no longer habitable. (AP)

2nd of April


Regional train in Birkenwerder derailed – rail traffic interrupted

A regional railway has derailed north of Berlin and has caused problems in rail traffic. The train had jumped on Tuesday at the entrance to the station Birkenwerder in Brandenburg from the track, said a spokesman for the railway. Nobody was hurt. Seven travelers were reportedly still on the train. The evacuation of the train is being prepared. Due to the accident, the train service of the S-Bahn lines 1 and 8 between Hohen Neuendorf and Oranienburg was interrupted. Likewise the regional railway traffic between Gesundbrunnen and Oranienburg. A substitute bus service should be set up. How long the recovery of the train takes was initially unclear. (AP)

Prenzlauer Berg

Teenagers attack suburban train passenger

Several teenagers hit a traveler in the Berlin S-Bahn on Monday evening. According to the Federal Police, a man got off about 18 clock at the S-Bahn station Greifswalder road off the track when he suddenly got a kick in the back. According to a spokeswoman for the Federal Police attacked him three adolescents apparently completely abruptly and hit him with fists and a filled 0.5-liter PET bottle on him. The 50-year-old German suffered visible swelling in the face, but refused medical care. His glasses were destroyed in the attack. The 15, 16 and 17-year-old assailants of Afghan, Syrian and Iranian nationality, who claimed to be refugees, initially fled, but were soon arrested by a patrol of the Berlin police. Against the “minor unaccompanied refugees”, who are cared for by the youth welfare office, initiated the Federal Police investigation for dangerous bodily injury. Subsequently, the perpetrators were released. The attacker could not be questioned by the police on the possible background of the crime. (LAD).


Man shows “Hitler salute” – short-term arrest

In a supermarket in Berlin-Reinickendorf, a man showed the “Hitler salute” for several minutes during the night of Tuesday. The 41-year-old was then arrested, police said. At 10:15 pm, he raised his right arm at the box office of the supermarket in Ollenhauerstrae and showed him the forbidden Nazi greeting, according to the police. He should remain in this position for some time.


Burglar duo caught red-handed

Two 25 and 28-year-old men were caught red-handed during a burglary in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The duo could still be arrested in the burglary apartment, as the police announced on Tuesday. Earlier, on Monday night, witnesses were watching the men on the Friedenstrasse as they broke into the apartment via a broken balcony door and shone a flashlight through the room. During the arrest, the officials made sure that the burglars had already prepared themselves and partly already stowed them in their clothes. (AP)


Homeless people beaten at the Reichstag

Unknown people attacked a homeless person on the night of Tuesday in the middle of the day. According to the police, the 38-year-old slept at about 0.15 clock under a bulge of the Reichstag on the Spree, as two strangers beat him with clubs. Before they fled, they threw the injured man’s backpack into the water. The attacked man was able to rescue himself to Friedrichstrae station and inform police officers of the Federal Police there. In addition, alarmed rescue workers brought the man with severe head injuries for inpatient treatment in a clinic. (LAD).


Pedestrian seriously injured

A motorist has ignored a red traffic light in Berlin-Karlshorst according to first police findings and captured a pedestrian with his car. The 25-year-old was seriously injured, as the police announced on Tuesday. She crossed the Treskowallee on the evening of Dnhoffstrae on Monday evening. The 80-year-old driver captured the young woman in his car. She fell and suffered severe head and leg injuries. Rescue workers took them to a hospital for inpatient treatment. The 80-year-old suffered no injuries. (AP)


Policemen arrest burglars

Policemen arrested two burglars in Friedrichshain on Monday evening. At around 8.30pm, witnesses witnessed the two of them on the Friedenstrasse, entering a flat via a levered balcony door. The witnesses also saw that a flashlight was turned on in the apartment and the beam of light wandered through the room. They alerted the police. The incoming officers arrested the two men at the age of 25 and 28 at the apartment. Stolen goods had already been prepared and in parts already stowed in clothes. (LAD).


Fire in apartment

On the night of Tuesday, the Berlin fire department moved out to a house fire after Nikolassee. In a flat on the first floor of a three-storey residential building, it burned in a room, as a spokesman for the fire department announced on Tuesday. No one was injured in the fire on Wasgenstrae. The forces quickly controlled the flames. The cause of the fire was still unclear. (AP)

April 1st

Frstenwalde (Oder-Spree)

Skeleton in the cesspool poses a mystery to the police

A skeleton found during construction works in a cesspool continues to puzzle the police. According to police, forensic examinations of the bones had revealed that it was the skeleton of a woman. The investigators have narrowed the date of the death of the woman between 1965 and 1975. “She could be around 70 today,” said a police spokeswoman for the German Press Agency on Monday. No one has yet reported who misses someone from that time.

First, the rbb had reported about it. According to the report at the time of death, the woman is said to have been 20 years old. Injuries to the skull had revealed that she had been killed by blunt force against the head. The murder commission Frankfurt (Oder) determined. The woman was never reported as missing, said the police spokeswoman. All cases of missing persons from the time had been examined. The woman may have planned a republic escape, or she may have been a worker from another country. The police are now hoping for clues to the identity of the woman. (AP)


Rear-end collision on the A10 – truck loses alcohol bottles on the road

In a truck accident on the A10 three people have been injured, two of them seriously. A truck had driven up at the Ludwigsfelde-West junction on a truck driving in front of it. He lost a liquor load, which spread on the road, as a police spokesman confirmed. Among them were bottles of coconut liqueur.

A rescue helicopter took the seriously injured to the hospital. The lanes were temporarily fully closed. The left lane was released again. The salvage of the vehicles and the bottles, according to police, lasts until the early evening. (AP)


53-year-old found dead by passers-by

The missing since 9 March 53-year-old from Wilmersdorf was found dead on Sunday afternoon. Passersby discovered around 4.30 pm the lifeless man floating in the water on the Rousseau Island at the Tierbrcke in Tiergarten and alerted the police. Forces hid the person out of the water. An emergency doctor could only determine death. According to the current state of investigation, a foreign debt is excluded. (BC)


Freight train rams a car in Wuhlheide


A human was injured in the accident in Wuhlheide.


fire Department

At a railroad crossing at Rudolf-Rhl-Allee there was a serious accident on Monday morning. At a local railroad crossing, a freight train rammed a car as it wanted to cross the tracks. An injured person had to be transported to the hospital. The clean-up work at the accident site is still ongoing, Rudolf-Rhl-Allee remains closed until further notice (BLZ).


Security staff find lifeless colleagues

Employees of a security service found one of their colleagues lifeless at the wheel of his emergency vehicle at Buschkrugallee in Neuklln during the night of Monday. Originally, the man should close a company building, but then, according to police on the spot, suddenly stopped responding to calls. Alarmed firemen were still trying to reanimate the man on the vehicle. Whether he survived is unclear. Further information was not communicated at first. (BC)


Fire in skyscraper

On the 6th floor of a skyscraper in the Order Master Street in Tempelhof burned around 0.15 clock several storerooms. The facade and the window of an apartment above it have been affected by the heat. No one was injured, according to initial findings. (BC)


The fire department in Tempelhof in action.


Morris Pudwell

March 31


Children after gas leakage in restaurant in the hospital

After leaving Gaus in a restaurant in Mitte, two children were hospitalized in hospital. The six-year-old boy and the eight-year-old girl were found unconscious around 8:30 pm in an adjoining room at the restaurant on Chausseestrae. Rescuers and an ambulance took the two children to a hospital for intensive care. Danger to life does not exist according to the police. How it came to the gas leak, has yet to be determined. (BC)


Debit card does not work – taxi driver attacked

In the night of Sunday, a taxi driver in Alt-Hohenschnhausen was injured and robbed by passengers. According to the police, four men had waved to the 65-year-old taxi driver in the Landsberger Allee at about 0:35 clock. Then the quartet got in and directed him to Degnerstrasse. One of the men got out of the car, went to the driver’s door, and handed a debit card through the open window for payment. When a payment failed despite several attempts, the man brought out a stun gun, held it in the face of the taxi driver and pressed it several times. A second passenger in the passenger seat grabbed the taxi driver’s cell phone and pulled the key out of the ignition. As the taxi driver then triggered the raid alarm on the taxi, the men took the mobile phone to escape. Previously, the car key was thrown on the rear seat. The taxi driver suffered minor head injuries.


Dirty couple caught injuring policemen

A couple caught in the act of mistreatment has injured several policemen in Berlin-Schneberg. Late Saturday evening, a witness observed how the 22-year-old man and his 20-year-old accomplice had applied an illegible yellow lettering on a house wall in Akazienstrae, the police said on Sunday. Alarmed officials had then placed the duo in the main street and provisionally arrested.
When they put a handcuff on the man, the woman had jumped on a policeman, beaten and kicked. A knife was secured in the jacket pocket of the 22-year-old. A policeman injured in the knee could – unlike two slightly injured colleagues – according to the information not continue his service. Breath alcohol controls in those who were caught had yielded 1.7 and 0.8 per thousand respectively. Meanwhile, the two could have left the prisoner collection again. (Dpa)

Prenzlauer Berg

Control against illicit work – bouncer attacks police officers

A doorman has sprinkled several police officers with irritant gas at the entrance of a club in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. A policewoman and five of her colleagues were slightly injured in the attack on Saturday night in the Storkower road, as the police announced on Sunday. Accordingly, the officials supported a control of the Main Customs Office against undeclared work in the shop. The 42-year-old bouncer was temporarily arrested. The officers seized the irritant gas and a telescopic baton the suspect carried with them.
According to initial findings, the doorman of the club closed the door as the police approached the entrance.

Multiple requests to open the door were ignored. The police tried to open the door. When the door was open a crack, the suspect sprayed the irritant gas and hit three policemen on the head. Inside the entrance, the policewoman and two other officers were sprayed with the gas. Also present were the 34-year-old wife of the suspected attacker and a 28-year-old. The personal details were checked by them. (AP)


Car flings after crash against traffic light – Inmates seriously injured

A car has collided in Berlin-Pankow with another car and thrown against a traffic light mast. The 39-year-old driver of the car and the 35-year-old passenger were seriously injured in the accident late Saturday night at the junction Prenzlauer Promenade corner Granitzstrae, police said. The 28-year-old driver and the 26-year-old co-driver of the other car suffered minor injuries. According to initial findings, the car of the 28-year-old turned at the intersection, when it came to collision. Further details were not known at first. (Dpa)


Fire in the Riga street – unknown burned bicycles

Unknown people have lit a fire in Berlin-Friedrichshain on the road of the Rigaer Strae. Early Sunday morning, they set fire to several rental bicycles, a garbage bin and rubbish, the police said. According to the callers informed the police about that at the time about 30 dark clothes on the street. When the officials arrived, those present went off in different directions. The fire department put out the fire and removed the objects from the street.

Shortly thereafter, several hoodlums wanted to pull the trash can on the street again, which prevented the police. The hooded then fled into a house. When about 15 minutes later seven people left the house, their personal details were checked. The state protection determined. (Dpa)


Thieves steal double bass orchestra

Thieves stole the double bass from an orchestra in Joachimsthal (Barnim district). The musicians had left their instruments after the rehearsal in a rest home of the place. When one of them wanted to get his instrument on Saturday, he found out, according to police, that the double bass was missing. The largest orchestral string instrument has a value of 8500 euros. The criminal police determined. A double bass is about 1.80 meters tall and weighs about ten kilos on average. (Dpa)


Teenagers insulted Islamophobic

On Saturday night, a man has insulted and offended several immigrant youths. Two girls aged 15 and 17 and a 34-year-old sat at a bus stop at Alt-Mariendorf subway station. Next to them sat a man who is said to have held a mobile phone in front of the teenagers and the woman. Because the behavior gave the impression that the man was filming it, he was touched by it. Thereupon they should have argued aloud with the man. A 17- and a 38-year-olds became aware of the dispute. The aggressive man is said to have offended the three adolescents, the wife and the 38-year-old anti-Muslim. The insulted alarmed the police and then handed him police. A breath alcohol control performed on the detainee resulted in a value of about 1.1 parts per thousand. The 48-year-old was released after personal identification on the spot.


Shop detective hit with ambulance cars

In an attempt to stop two thieves, a shop detective in Hakenfelde was injured on Saturday night. The 37-year-old had observed around 18:30 clock two men as they pushed a filled shopping cart from a supermarket in the Streitstrae in the parking lot. Since the duo already behaved conspicuously in the business, he decided to ask for a receipt. Undeterred, the men went to a parked in the parking mini-van, in which there were three more people. Calmly, they packed the food into the vehicle. Suddenly the duo jumped into the car, whereupon the shop detective stood in front of the van to prevent an escape. The driver then drove off slowly and captured the 37-year-old, who was then dragged a few feet on the hood. Shortly after he fell down and stayed in the parking lot. The vehicle and its occupants drove towards the Carossastrasse exit. The shopkeeper took it easy injuries on the hand, with which he went himself to outpatient treatment. The first on-site investigation revealed that the license plate attached to the vehicle had been stolen the night before in the Pillnitz Way.

March 30


In the subway on man and woman stabbed – seriously injured

A woman stabbed a man and a woman in the subway and seriously injured her. As the police said, the parties have previously argued. They were traveling at 10.30 clock with the U6 in the direction of Alt-Mariendorf. A dispute arose in the wake of a 37-year-old stabbed on three people. A man and a woman were seriously injured. Witnesses were able to arrest the woman until the arrival of alarmed police, who then arrested her at Rehberge underground station. The two injured, a 49-year-old and a 29-year-old, were taken to a hospital, where they were hospitalized. Danger to life does not exist. (BC)


Fire in apartment building – no injuries

In Theodor-Loos-Weg in Gropiusstadt it burned in an apartment of an apartment building. No one was injured, according to the Berlin fire department. (BC)


Berliner dies in rear-end collision on A9

In a collision on the A9 near Bayreuth a 72-year-old motorist from Berlin has been fatally injured. He drove his car on a Saturday morning on a truck driving in front of him, the police said. The driver and his passenger, according to a spokesman, were trapped in the vehicle. The 62-year-old woman was seriously injured in a hospital, the 72-year-old man died at the scene of the accident.

Why the Berliner hit the truck, was initially unclear. An appraiser should help the investigators in the investigation of the accident. Highway 9 southbound was closed for about three hours as a result of the accident. (AP)


Unknown fires several boats

Unknown people have set fire to Berlin-Haselhorst under several boats. Three boats were damaged in the fire on Friday morning at a club compound on the street Am Juliusturm, as the police announced on Saturday. A further four boats were burned. It was a high property damage, it was said. Concrete information on the amount of property damage did not make the police. Police investigate suspicion of serious arson. A political background was not recognizable at first. A 68-year-old had discovered smoke and smoke on a boat and alarmed the 50-year-old owner. (AP)

Berlin-Frankfurt (Oder)

No search for Rebecca on Saturday

The search for the missing student Rebecca was interrupted on Saturday. There are no new search measures, said a spokesman for the Berlin police on Saturday. Whether the search continues on Sunday was initially unclear. On Friday, the police had been south of the highway 12 Berlin-Frankfurt (Oder) with a beagle on the way. In the area south of the A12, the homicide squad had already focused in recent weeks in the search for the 15-year-olds. Policemen combed through several forest areas, divers were used in lakes – so far without success.

The police had asked the people for clues to two unexplained car rides of the suspected brother-in-law of Rebecca. The license plate of a car that only he had access to had been detected on the morning of the disappearance and the following day by an automatic system on the A12. In total, so far about 2000 references have been received by the investigators. The police assume that the teenager was killed. She has disappeared since the 18th of February. (AP)

March 29th


Mother gets distracted and drives by car against street tree

A female driver distracted herself from her children near Perleberg (Prignitz district) and subsequently drove her car against a street tree. The 27-year-old woman and her two children, aged four and six, suffered minor injuries in the Friday morning accident, police said in Potsdam. All three were taken to a hospital. The car is reportedly no longer ready to drive. The woman herself had admitted the cause of the accident.


Senior attacked and seriously injured

A senior was attacked in Berlin-Marzahn and seriously injured. The robber had dragged on Thursday afternoon in the Meeraner Street so much s.der men’s handbag of the 75-year-old that this crashed and suffered a thigh-throat fracture, a police spokeswoman said on Friday. The culprit fled, but was followed by two passers-by and caught. Until the arrival of the police, the passers-by arrested the 27-year-old. The senior was hospitalized for inpatient treatment. (AP)


Police stop spirit driver on the A11

The police have stopped on the highway 11 at Finowfurt (Barnim County) a ghost driver. The 69-year-old driver drove in the wrong direction on Thursday evening, as the police announced on Friday. A caller had informed the police about the suspect. The alarmed officers took him to a rest stop. They took him to the station and forbade him to continue. According to the information, the man seemed to be slightly confused. Against him is now determined because of the dangerous interference in the road. (AP)

Enkeltrick ends with arrest

A clever old woman has thwarted a granddaughter trick cheater in Berlin-Lichtenrade: She went on the scam mesh and informed the police. Finally, a 30-year-old was arrested when she wanted to pick up a five-figure sum with the 65-year-old lady, the police said on Friday.

One man reportedly called the senior citizen on Landshuter Strasse on Thursday afternoon, pretending to be her son and complaining of financial worries. He asked her for a five-figure amount. The 65-year-old informed the police in the meantime. Around 18 clock then came the announced pickup. (AP)


Three men raid bank with iron bars

Forcibly, they gained access to the store, threatened the employees with iron bars and fled successfully with the loot in a dark Audi direction Florastrae. In a bank branch in the castle street in Steglitz a bank robbery succeeded. The police are looking for three men who were around 18:30 clock and took several cash boxes. The staff were unhurt. The investigation continues.

28th March


Scaffolding in Zionskirche is burning

A fire broke out in the Zionskirche in Berlin-Mitte during a concert on Thursday evening. “Fortunately nobody was hurt,” it says in a church tweet. A fire department spokesman said on Friday morning, on a scaffolding would have burned over four levels distributed objects. There was heavy smoke in the church. The fire broke out shortly after 8pm.


At the Zionskirche a scaffolding came on fire.


Morris Pudwell

The height of the church and the smoke development, the firefighting had been protracted, said the spokesman. However, there is no damage to the church after the fire. The cause of the fire was still unclear. “Resolution can be excluded according to the current state of knowledge,” said Zionskirche itself.

Which events can take place in the coming days has yet to be clarified. According to a long-term program announcement, the opening of the exhibition “Time and again – Extreme Rights and Resistance in Berlin since 1945” was planned for Friday.


Control over truck lost – A truck driver dead

In a heavy truck accident in Nuthetal (district of Potsdam-Mittelmark), a human died on Thursday. A 28-year-old truck driver lost control of his truck around 9:30 am, for unknown reasons, police said. The vehicle had then strayed slightly to the right of the road of the vineyard road and began to lurch. As a result, the truck came on the opposite lane and collided with an oncoming truck.

His driver was trapped by the collision in the cab and seriously injured. He could still be released from the vehicle, but died at the scene of the accident. The person responsible for the accident and his co-driver were able to leave their truck on their own. The 19-year-old was brought to the hospital with a gash. The vineyard road was closed for the recovery of the trucks, according to police for about four and a half hours. (Dpa)


Japanese disappeared: 71-year-old deceased in Austria


With this picture, the police are looking for the missing person.


Police Berlin

As the police announced on Thursday, April 4, the missing Japanese died in Austria. According to the police, there is no crime. In late March, the investigators asked in the search of the 71-year-old for assistance from the population. (BC)

The message has been updated due to the new investigative status of the police.


Dispute over woman: man attacks others with broken glass

In a dispute over a woman, a man in a hotel room in Berlin-Wilmersdorf has been seriously injured. With a broken glass, a 45-year-old attacked his room-mate (54) on the night of Thursday and injured his hand, police said. He also beat and kicked the man’s head several times. The victim was taken to hospital for inpatient treatment. Policemen arrested the suspected attacker in his hotel room on Emser Strasse and secured a bag of white powder. The men said they had argued about a woman. (AP)


Car collides with ambulance – woman is seriously injured

In a traffic accident in Berlin-Mitte, a 44-year-old woman was seriously injured. The car driver stopped in the night to Thursday with her car first at the intersection Charlottenstrae corner Unter den Linden at a red light, police said. Accordingly, the 44-year-old drove off at Green again and collided at the intersection with the ambulance of a relief organization. The driver suffered head injuries and had to be taken to hospital. Both vehicles had to be towed. (AP)


Gas pipe in Wedding damaged during construction works

During construction work in the Fennstrae in Berlin-Wedding, a gas pipeline was damaged. Nobody got hurt. On Thursday afternoon there were initially 36 forces on the ground, as a spokeswoman for the fire department announced. These also controlled the buildings in the immediate vicinity. The line was then sealed by the grid operator. The Fennstrae was temporarily closed between Mllerstrae and Heidestrasse. (AP)


Car driver bounces against traffic light mast and gets trapped in car

A 35-year-old motorist was seriously injured in a traffic accident in Berlin-Schneberg. The police said the man drove in the night to Thursday on a courtyard in the main street, first backwards against a garbage bin, it broke the rear window of the car. The 35-year-old continued his journey on the road at high speed, came off to the left of the road and bounced against a traffic light mast on a central island. Then the vehicle threw across the street onto the sidewalk, bumped into a parked scooter and came to a halt.

The 35-year-old was jammed in his vehicle and had to be cut out by rescue workers. The man struck and hit a firefighter with his fist in the face, as a fire spokeswoman announced. However, the firefighter did not need medical treatment. The 35-year-old was taken to a hospital. According to police, he could have been drunk. (AP)


Irritating gas attack in Bar am Alex

In a bar near Alexanderplatz in Berlin, an unknown person attacked and injured six men with irritant gas. According to initial findings, it came on the night of Thursday at 1:20 clock on the dance floor of the restaurant in the Rathausstrae first to the dispute between a group of six men aged 18 to 24 years and the unknown, as the police said. The attacker then sprayed the other men irritating gas in the face and had fled.

The injuries of the apparently drunken men were treated on the spot. Based on the description of the person, the police arrested a 22-year-old man near the bar. A breath alcohol test gave him a value of around one per thousand. He later came free again. The investigation of dangerous bodily injury run. The background of the dispute was still unclear. (AP)


Mortar shell deposited in front of residential building

Mortar shell in front of residential building in Wittenberge

In front of a residential building in Wittenberge, a “heavily rotten mortar shell” was discovered. Explosives experts found that the grenade was transportable, it could be packed and taken away.



In Wittenberge (district of Prignitz), a grenade was discovered on Wednesday in front of a residential building in the middle of the city. It is a “heavily rotten mortar shell”, probably from the Second World War, said a spokeswoman for the North Police Department. Explosives experts found that the grenade was transportable, it could be packed and taken away.

A passerby discovered the grenade in the afternoon. One has to assume that someone has dropped off there, directly at a doorway, the spokeswoman said. For this purpose, it is determined that the grenade was therefore packaged “trace gentle”. The spokeswoman could not say that the house on Johannes-Runge-Strae was built with a 300-meter barrier circle. Many people had to leave their homes because of this. An emergency shelter has been set up in a nearby school. Late at night, around 10:45 pm, residents were able to return to their homes and apartments. (AP)


Apartment fire – a person injured

In a house fire in Berlin-Neuklln a person has been injured. A one-bedroom apartment on the third floor of a Protestant parish hall in the Schiller promenade was completely on fire on early Thursday morning, as a spokeswoman for the fire department said. Accordingly, the flames also attacked the roof. Two residents had to be rescued by the fire department on an aerial ladder. Six other people were able to bring themselves to safety.

Residents of the house were treated locally by the ambulance service. One person came to the hospital, the others were uninjured. The fire brigade was in action with around 60 rescue workers. The extinguishing work continues. What triggered the fire was initially unclear. (AP)

27th of March


Tents burned at homeless camp on Rummelsburger bay

In a homeless camp on the Rummelsburger bay two tents were fired on Wednesday afternoon. No one was injured, according to the Senate Department for Social Affairs. The cause of fire was unclear for the moment. “Attacks on homeless people from the outside can not be ruled out,” said Jrg Richert of the social cooperative Karuna, which cares for the homeless people there. Twelve people lived in the camp. If it turns out that the fire was caused by arson, the security measures in the camp would be strengthened, said Richert. Homeless people would be available to homeless people should they choose not to camp on the campsite. The Berlin police could not give any information about the case. According to Richert, there were two fires. A community tent burned down, which the cooperative had set up there. In addition, a sleeping tent burned down whose owner was not present. Other tents were damaged by flying sparks. (AP)

Berlin / Loecknitz

Man stabbed at flea market: Police catch alleged perpetrators

After a man on Leopoldplatz in Wedding was critically injured with a knife, the homicide squad was able to investigate the alleged perpetrator. Federal police arrested the 23-year-old Turkish citizen on Tuesday morning when they checked him in Lcknitz (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).

A judge issued a warrant for attempted manslaughter against him, the police said Wednesday. He is said to have stabbed the man last Saturday at a flea market on Leopoldplatz. Previously, he had quarreled with him. The background of the dispute are still unclear, according to a police spokesman. (LAD).

Prenzlauer Berg

Pedestrian seriously injured in accident

On Wednesday morning, a pedestrian was seriously injured in a traffic accident. At around 7:10 am, the 30-year-old stepped behind a lorry on the right lane onto the carriageway on Greifswalder Strae at the height of a tram stop. She probably did not pay attention to the flow traffic of the other tracks. The passer-by was caught by a Mercedes, with a 63-year-old driver drove the Greifswalder Strae. The 30-year-old was taken to a clinic with head injuries. (BC)


Because he was not allowed to smoke in the S-Bahn: Italians beat train drivers

A 38-year-old has harassed travelers on a suburban train on Tuesday evening and finally beaten the driver. According to the federal police, the Italian had smoked on the train line S 25 and mobbed other travelers. The 45-year-old driver asked the man to stop smoking and leave the train. Then the 38-year-old hit him with his fist on the shoulder and threw him a glass bottle against his leg. Detainees of the Brandenburg police accompanied the attacker, who continued to refuse to leave the S-Bahn, from the train at Teltow station and handed him over to the colleagues of the Federal Police for the sake of completeness. The officers initiated a preliminary investigation into dangerous bodily harm against the 38-year-old. A female doctor finally arranged for the bully to be admitted to the psychiatric ward of a hospital. The platoon leader was unhurt and could continue his service. (BC)

Bad Belzig

House is on fire: fire department finds a dead man

Bad Belzig fire

The fire department deletes the roof of a house after an explosion in the family house in the district Werbig. In the building a lifeless person was found. How it came to the deflagration and the fire was initially unclear.


Julian Sthle / dpa

Firefighters have found a dead man in a burning house in Bad Belzig (district of Potsdam-Mittelmark). The fire had broken out on Wednesday morning at 10.30 clock in the house in the district Werbig, as a police spokesman said. Witnesses had previously heard “a deflagration” and alarmed the security forces. Rescuers then discovered the dead man in the burning house.

“We still could not clarify his identity,” the spokesman said. The homeowner is missing. How it came to the deflagration and the fire was initially unclear. (AP)


German residential cars burned down

In Berlin-Steglitz two parked cars of the housing company Deutsche Wohnen have gone up in flames, as the police announced on Wednesday. A resident had discovered the burning vehicles on a tenant parking lot in the Benzmannstrae around 3:25 in the night. Firefighters fired the fire. The heat damaged two more cars. The political police officer responsible for political offenses has started the investigation. (AP)


Two people injured after accident

In a traffic accident in Berlin-Marzahn two people were injured. As the police announced on Wednesday, had a 57-year-old motorist late Tuesday afternoon when turning left into the Mrkische Allee a 51-year-olds overlooked with his vehicle. Both drivers suffered injuries in the collision. The 57-year-old was hospitalized for inpatient treatment. The 51-year-old was treated on an outpatient basis. (AP)


Manhunt: man insulted transsexual woman

Manhunt insult transsexuals

The sought after should be about 25 years old and between 1.70 meters and 1.75 meters tall. He had very short black hair, dark eyes and a three-day beard. He wore a dark jacket with zipper, a pair of jeans and sports shoes.


Police Berlin

The police Berlin searches with images for a man who is said to have insulted a transsexual woman. The incident took place on 26 August 2018. According to the 31-year-olds, the man should at 1.15 clock at the S-Bahn station Heidelberger Platz, together with a wife and another man first made derogatory remarks about the appearance of the woman. Subsequently, he had approached the 31-year-old in an aggressive posture and insulted her. When this alarmed the police, the trio took flight.

The perpetrator should be about 25 years old and between 1.70 meters and 1.75 meters tall. He also had very short black hair, dark eyes and a three-day beard. He wore a dark jacket with zipper, a pair of jeans and sports shoes.

The investigators have the following questions:

  • Who knows the person depicted and / or can provide information about his or her whereabouts?
  • Who has been watching the crime and has not contacted the police yet?
  • Who else can provide relevant information?

Information is available to the police at the following number: (030) 4664953128. (BLZ)


Arbor burned down

An arbor has burst into flames in Berlin-Tegel. As the fire department announced on Wednesday morning, the arbor burned on late Tuesday evening on an area of about 80 square meters in full extension. Around 18 task forces were on the scene in Scharfenberger Strasse to extinguish the fire. Nobody got hurt. The cause of the fire was initially unclear. (AP)


Motorcyclist seriously injured

A 62-year-old motorcyclist has lost control of his vehicle in the Scharnweberstrae on an oil track. The man fell and suffered severe injuries to his leg. (BC)


Dispute mediators were robbed at the Kottbusser Tor and injured by several people

A man was robbed and injured at the subway station Kottbusser Tor. The police said two men were arguing on the platform of the U8. A 46-year-old noticed the argument and wanted to settle. At that moment, another unknown man grabbed the mediator in the pocket of his jacket, stole the cell phone contained therein and then wanted to flee into a train. The 46-year-old, who had noticed the theft, ran after the fugitive. This attacked the ravaged. He hit and kicked the 46-year-old several times against the upper body, the head and the arms. Then the thief continued his flight. When the victim wanted to follow the offender again, a fourth man put a leg to him, whereupon he fell. Both the thief and the Beinsteller fled afterwards. The 46-year-old suffered head, arm and trunk injuries. Paramedics took him to a hospital for treatment. (BC)


Teenager injured after attack

A teenager has been injured in an altercation. According to initial investigations, the 15-year-old got into a fight between two supermarkets in Oberweibacher Strasse at around 21.10. The 15-year-old talked to a friend four years his senior. Suddenly, an unknown man ran past the two and showed them the middle finger, about which the teenager and his acquaintance laughed. The passerby then came back and spoke to her on laughing. As a result, there was initially a verbal dispute between the 15-year-old and the unknown. Then the man pushed and hit the teenager. Two passersby witnessed the attack and intervened, whereupon the attacker left. At the same time the adolescent noticed blood on his clothes and his hands and noticed superficial cuts on his upper body. (BC)

26th of March


Stolen violin from 1769 – police asks for clues

The police asks for clues to a valuable violin stolen by strangers on March 11th. The high quality instrument was made in 1769 by Nicolo Gagliano in Naples.

For details of the disappearance could be for reasons of investigation tactics say nothing, said a police spokeswoman on Tuesday. Also to the exact value of the violin made the police no information. She asks for information by calling +49 30 4664 94 44 05.

Frankfurt (Oder)

Two men wanted by arrest warrant arrested during routine checks

At routine check-in, the police arrested two arrested men on Highway 12. A 53-year-old bus passenger was arrested on Monday night because the Darmstadt public prosecutor had issued a warrant for his arrest in January. He was convicted of fraud in November for a fine of 300 euros, the police said on Tuesday. Since he could settle the punishment on the spot, he could continue his journey.

On the evening of the same day, a 29-year-old driver was arrested, against whom a warrant from the prosecutor Hagen was. He was fined 2500 euros for drunk driving in February 2017. Since he could not pay the fine, the officers took him to a nearby prison. There he sits now a substitution free sentence. (AP)


Illicit work goes back

In 2018, Berlin suffered around 88.6 million euros in damages due to illicit work. This is about 10 million euros less than in 2017, as emerges from the annual balance sheet of the Main Customs Office Berlin, which the authority published on Tuesday. About 1,600 times, the officials were therefore vorstellig with employers. The focus was particularly on industries affected by undeclared work. In addition to the construction, this includes the hotel and restaurant industry as well as forwarding, transport and logistics companies. According to its own statements, the customs authorities found around 1,200 administrative offenses and initiated preliminary investigations in 4,100 cases. Investigators are examining whether minimum wages are met and social security contributions are paid. (AP)


Pregnant 18-year-old injured in pile-up

In a collision with six cars on Tuesday on the A100 a pregnant 18-year-old has been seriously injured. The young woman had to be hospitalized at the hospital, the police said. Another driver (37) injured herself slightly. The cause of the accident, a Mercedes driver, had suddenly slowed down on the fast lane in the direction of the intersection Schneberg in the amount of the exit Alboinstrae.

A 44-year-old, who drove with a pregnant passenger behind him, also had to brake and came to a halt. Then a 37-year-old drove on this car. The pregnant co-driver injured her torso and head. As a result, four more cars had to brake, all of which were damaged by collisions. Meanwhile, the Mercedes driver had moved away from the scene of the accident. Whether he was asked, the police initially could not say. The amount of damage was still unclear. (AP)


Robbery on passersby – cell phone stolen

An unknown man has threatened a 30-year-old in Frstenwalde (Oder-Spree) with a knife-like object and robbed his cell phone. According to police, the victim was on foot in Mhlenstrae with two companions on foot when a man broke away from a group of men and demanded the handover of the telephone. The man gave the robber his cellphone, then the group of men continued on their way. The police are now investigating for serious robbery. (AP)


Police caught drivers under drugs and without a driver’s license

Without a driver’s license, under drugs and without a valid license plate: The Brandenburg police stopped a scooter driver because of an expired license plate and found that he was driving without a license. According to the police, the 37-year-old drove on Frankfurter Strae on Monday evening when he got into traffic control. An on-site rapid drug test showed a positive result. The man was taken to a hospital with the patrol car for blood collection (dpa)


Knife attack at the S-Bahn station Schnefeld

On Monday evening, two travelers at the S-Bahn station Schnefeld have come together, with one man attacking the other with a kitchen knife and was subsequently arrested for the time being. Around 23 clock came to verbal disputes between a 64-year-old Italian and a 54-year-old German in the line S9, in the course of which the 64-year-old inflicted a cut of about one centimeter in the face of the Germans. A medical treatment refused the injured. Alarmed federal police made the knife safe and initiated against the Italians a preliminary investigation for dangerous bodily injury. (BC)


Wheelchair user ambushed and robbed in Wedding

On Monday morning, a Weddinger wheelchair user has been robbed. The 57-year-old reported that he had been attacked from behind by a stranger in the Nazarethkirchstrae at 10.15 and dumped out of his wheelchair. The attacker is said to have grabbed the man’s backpack and had fled in an unknown direction. The 57-year-old suffered grazes on his knees, head and hand. He refused medical treatment. The Raubkommissariat of the Directorate 3 has taken over the further investigation of the robbery. (BC)


79-year-old in the parking lot of trucks overrun

A 79-year-old pedestrian was on a supermarket parking lot in Dallgow-Doberitz (Havelland) on Tuesday rolled over by a truck and dragged several meters. The man had died on the spot, said a spokesman for the police department West. (AP)


Cyclist seriously injured in accident

A cyclist has suffered serious injuries in a crash in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The 53-year-old crossed the Gneisenaustrae on Monday evening at Green, as the police announced on Tuesday. When a 29-year-old female driver turned her car right, the cyclist stumbled and crashed. She injured her head and torso and was taken to the hospital. Whether the woman crashed because she wanted to avoid the car was not clear at first. There was no clash according to the police. (AP)


Trio hijacking game library

Three masked men have attacked on Monday night a game library in Spandau district Falkenhagener field. According to initial investigations, two perpetrators entered the shop in Falkenhagener Chaussee around 0.50 am While the third accomplice stood in front of the door, they beat a 62-year-old employee and a 28-year-old guest and sprayed irritant gas in their faces, causing them both to go down. While a robber kept the attacked at bay, his accomplice went to the cashier and took the money. Then the trio fled. The employee and the guest suffered minor injuries and were treated locally by rescue workers. The Raubkommissariat of the Police Directorate 2 determined. (BC)


Gas station attacked

On Monday evening, a gas station in Zehlendorf has been attacked. A masked man, armed with a firearm and irritating gas, should enter the petrol station in the Potsdamer Chaussee around 8:25 pm, threaten a 69-year-old employee and demand money. After the employee had handed over the money to the robber, the perpetrator fled. (BC)


Twice as fast as allowed – Police stop speeding

Twice as fast as allowed, a motorist was traveling on the Autobahn 111 in Berlin-Tegel. More than 120 kilometers per hour drove the 21-year-old in the tunnel Tegel town center in the night to Tuesday, as the police announced. Allowed were therefore 60 kilometers per hour. A civilian stripe stopped the suspect’s car. A fine of at least 560 euros, four points in Flensburg and a two-month driving license withdrawal await him. (AP)

25th March


On platform smoked: pensioner beats man with wooden slat

An 81-year-old man attacked a smoker in Berlin’s Friedrichstrasse station with a fence pole. The 61-year-old victim was slightly injured on the upper lip, as the federal police announced on Monday. At first the two men had clashed in the morning because the younger man had lit a cigarette on a platform outside a smoking island. Since he continued to smoke in spite of reminders of the elder, the angry senior struck him with the wooden staff in the face. The man had the wood piece because he was on his way to his garden, said a police spokesman. The Federal Police could still put the attacker on the spot. Against him is now determined because of dangerous bodily injury.

Friedrichshain / Pankow

Two women sexually harassed – suspects detained

Two men have been provisionally arrested over the weekend due to sexual harassment of two women. According to the Federal Police, a 33-year-old Moldovan caught on Saturday evening shortly before 23 o’clock a 27-year-old Germans at the S-Bahn station Warschauer road to the butt. The Berlin woman turned to police, which was on site, whereupon the officials initiated a preliminary investigation into sexual harassment against the already police-known man from Neu-Hohenschnhausen.

In a second incident on Sunday morning, a 38-year-old Romanian sat in an S-Bahn at three o’clock to an 18-year-old German. Then he looked the 18-year-olds under the skirt, made lewd gestures and he grabbed the 18-year-old to the knee. Federal police provisionally arrested the man at the S-Bahn station Pankow and initiated a preliminary investigation into sexual harassment.


Woman walks in red over the traffic light and is caught by car

Because she went over the traffic lights at red, a pedestrian in Wittenau is seriously injured. The 64-year-old was hit by a car on Oranienburger Strasse on Monday morning. The police reported that the woman suffered injuries to the head, leg, arm and torso. She was hospitalized in the hospital. The Oranienburger Strae had to be closed for half an hour between the street at the north ditch and the Roedernallee. (AP)


All clear after clearing the New Zealand embassy

A suspicious letter has triggered a police operation on Monday at the Embassy of New Zealand in Berlin. The building in Friedrichstrae was cleared as a precaution. After a short time, however, the field forensic technicians used all-clear: The letter contained no unusual content or even dangerous substances, as the operational command of the police announced.

New Zealand had been shaken a few days ago by a serious attack. An armed right-wing extremist attacked two mosques in the city of Christchurch on Friday, March 15, during Friday prayers, killing 50 people. Dozens more were injured. The 28-year-old suspect is in custody.


Police caught bicycle thieves in the act

Two men were caught in the night on Monday by the police in the theft of two bicycles. Police report that the two men were watched by plainclothes police around 10:45 pm as they explored the Trelleborg corner of Vineta Street. A short time later, when the two suspects left the blind alley Vinetastrasse by bicycle, they walked to a park on the Prenzlauer Promenade, where they took another bike with them.

Both wheels now loaded the men into a VW van. After loading, the men ran again, but could be arrested by the police. After the police had taken the personal details of the two men, the two men, 23 and 26 years old, were released. The bicycles were secured for the owners.


Witnesses looking for attack in suburban train

At 1:30 pm on the night of Saturday, Deutsche Bahn AG informed the Federal Police about a physical altercation on the platform of the station. When the emergency services arrived, the attackers had already escaped to an S-Bahn in the direction of Berlin. Shortly before, the male alleged perpetrator allegedly attacked the two 16- and 25-year-old German travelers with fists. After one of the men went to the ground as a result, the alleged female perpetrator is said to have detained him, while the unidentified man on the 25-year-olds entered. The 25-year-old German suffered minor facial injuries, but refused medical care. His 16-year-old traveling companion was taken to a local hospital with suspected jaw fracture by rescue workers. The federal police investigates the alleged perpetrators and is now looking for witnesses. (BC)


Bee colonies worth 14,000 euros were stolen

In Neulietzegricke (MOL) and Rdersdorf, 57 bee colonies worth a total of 14,000 euros have been stolen. On Twitter the police Brandenburg asks on Monday now for references from the population. (BC)


Two youth groups are beating each other

In the night to Sunday, two youth groups between the ages of 16 and 20 years on Fernbahnsteig 3/4 have come in a verbal confrontation. Out of unexplained cause, the young people subsequently beat and kicked each other. As a result of the scuffle a young man crashed into the track, but could leave this immediately, without a train entered. In addition, one of the men sprayed pepper spray around. When the alarmed federal police arrived, the two youth groups fled in different directions. Officials of the Federal Police and the Berlin police still arrested nine men at the station for the time being. Several adolescents suffered eye irritation and swelling in the face during the confrontation and were still receiving medical treatment on the spot. (BC)


Two dead in apartment fires in Brandenburg

Two people died in apartment fires in Brandenburg. One of the fires occurred in the night of Monday in an apartment building in Schwarze Pumpe (district Spree-Neisse), to the other it had come a few hours earlier in Krausnick (Dahme-Spreewald district), as the fire department announced. According to police, the dead in Krausnick is the 60-year-old resident of the apartment. In the other case, the identity of the deceased was therefore not yet clear. The police are investigating the causes of the fire. (AP)


Men are said to have injured 46-year-olds with a knife

Two young men are said to have injured a 46-year-old after a fight with a knife. The passer-by had watched the two as they hit several times in the Schleusinger Street in Marzahn-Hellersdorf against a patio door, as the Berlin police announced on Monday. The 46-year-old had addressed the two young men, whereupon it came to the dispute. The man had superficial stab wounds and was treated in the hospital as an outpatient. The two young men were able to escape unrecognized police. (AP)


Bike trip to the green ended in the hospital

Heavy injury has a woman on a Sunday afternoon on a bike ride in Kpenick. According to previous findings, two women aged 60 and 67 were on their bicycles on the Mggelschchenweg at around 2.30 pm. Both ladies drove right next to each other and are supposed to have talked. Here, the handlebars of the bikes interlocked and the 60-year-old crashed to the ground. In the fall, she injured her head and was taken to a hospital for emergency treatment by alarmed rescue workers. The other cyclist was unhurt. (BC)


Pedestrian seriously injured

In a traffic accident, a woman suffered serious injuries on Sunday afternoon in Reinickendorf. After the first investigation, the 73-year-old female pedestrian entered the track of the Gotthardstrae at 13.45 between parked cars to reach the central island. A 26-year-old cyclist, who was on the Gotthard road in the direction of Aroser Allee, although initiated an emergency stop, but could not prevent a collision. As a result of the collision, the motorcyclist crashed his Suzuki to the ground and injured himself slightly. The 73-year-old suffered severe head injuries and was taken to a hospital for emergency treatment by alarmed paramedics. The cyclist was treated in an outpatient clinic. To supply the injured and the accident recording the Gotthardstrae remained closed until 15:20.