“Berlin – fateful years of a city”: Winfried Glatzeder tells how he outsmarted the Stasi

The appearance of his life
:That’s how Winfried Glatzeder tricked the Stasi

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Glatzeder and Angelica Domrse in "The Legend of Paul and Paula".

Glatzeder and Angelica Domrse in “The Legend of Paul and Paula”.



He shone in the Defa cult film “The Legend of Paul and Paula”, inspired on stage among others as “Everyman”. However, Winfried Glatzeder (73) performed the true glittering role of his life in the Volksbhne – without a large audience. On television, the star revealed on Saturday for the first time how he successfully played the Stasi on the wall.

Glatzeder belongs to the prominent contemporary witnesses of the saturday RBB series “Berlin – Fateful Years of a City”. When it came to a series around the year 1971, the actor reported that the Stasi wanted to make him an unofficial employee (IM) that year.

Later actor Winfried Glatzeder himself was spied on

Glatzeder used a trick to get out of the informer number. He chose the Volksbhne canteen as a performance venue, before he took his courage with “Nordhuser Doppelkorn”. “I went from table to table, told what had happened,” says Glatzeder. “Then I went up to the assistant director, who I suspected had a good connection to the Stasi. I told him, now these people want to kill me. “

Glatzeder had with this “appearance” success. “Later I read in my Stasi file: ‘Glatzeder did not stick to the agreed conspiracy.’ That burned me up for the Stasi, “says the actor. But only as IM. Because the Stasi had Glatzeder observe. His phone was intercepted, the post office opened, the actor once reported.