Erzhausen: Small aircraft crashed in asparagus field and caught fire – Three dead

Plane crashes in asparagus field
:Prominent Russian businesswoman among the dead


The remains of a small plane lie on an asparagus field.



Erzhausen –

The passengers of the small aircraft had no chance of survival. When the machine hits a foil-covered asparagus field near Erzhausen in southern Hesse on the spring Sunday afternoon, she immediately goes up in flames.

The many helpers who rush to the scene immediately, can do nothing more. Three people die according to police findings in the debris field.

Double tragedy: On the way to the crash site, a patrol car is involved in an accident in the other car two people die. The three police officers who were on their way to the crash site survive badly injured.

Witnesses report stuttering engine noise

The six-seater small aircraft of the US manufacturer Epic type “E 1000” was launched on Sunday afternoon in Cannes, France and on the way to the airfield Egelsbach, which is not far away from the crash site.

At 15:22, according to a spokesman for the German air traffic control (DFS), the pilot has logged off to log in at the tower of the airfield Egelsbach. He had gone from instrument to visual flight – which is not unusual, however, shortly before the landing of a light aircraft.

A few minutes later, at around 3.30 pm, the machine crashed for reasons unknown until now. According to witnesses, police said they heard a plane with stuttering engine noise. In addition to the criminal police and the Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation was turned on in the investigation of the cause of the accident.

Prominent Russian businesswoman among the victims

On board was the prominent Russian businesswoman Natalija Filjowa. The co-owner of the S7 airline had died at the age of 55 years on Sunday in the disaster in Egelsbach, said the company of the German Press Agency in Moscow.

“That’s an irretrievable loss,” said a spokeswoman. Filjowa was an inspirational manager and wonderful woman. Russian experts should also help in the investigation of the cause of the accident, said the S7 spokeswoman. Filyova was considered one of the richest women in Russia. Filyova had been on board with her father according to Russian media.

A police spokesman in southern Hesse initially did not confirm the Russian statements. The bodies were burned. The identity must be clarified, he said. The German authorities had spoken of allegedly Russian nationals.

“The machine is completely burned out, so difficult to make the identification measures,” said police spokesman Bernd Hochstdter. The bodies were not recovered on Sunday evening, as the scene of the accident was further secured by the fire department.

Rescue work difficult

For the rescue workers, the salvage work was further complicated. According to a police spokeswoman, they had to exercise particular caution at the site of the crash, as the crash and firefighting released contaminants such as kerosene. The debris was scattered in a radius of about 20 meters in the asparagus field.

The field in which the machine crashed was covered with a foil, so that the asparagus gets more heat and can ripen faster – a typical picture in southern Hesse. (AP)