ZDF drama “Rufmord”: Rosalie Thomass convinced in cyber bullying film

ZDF drama “Rufmord”
:Our teacher is naked!

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The teacher Luisa (Rosalie Thomass) and her friend Finn (Shenja Lacher).

The teacher Luisa (Rosalie Thomass) and her friend Finn (Shenja Lacher).



A young blond woman drifts naked on the waves of a mountain lake. Then she dives under. Or is she diving? The next day the police in the lake begins to search for her. A jump in time eight weeks back shows the blonde swimmer as a teacher, who seems to fall everything easy and everything falls. Luisa (Rosalie Thomass) has inspired a boorish class with her unconventional methods and privately won the carpenter Finn (Shenja Lacher), who has left her longtime girlfriend from the village for her.

Rosalie Thomass plays a convincing development of the teacher

But from one day to the other, Luisa’s status is shaken. On the school server nude photos of her come from her ex-boyfriend. Although he admits that he uploaded the pictures on a “Revenge Portal”, he claims not to have scattered them any further. Luisa believes that the contractor (Johann von Blow) is behind the attack – she did not want to favor his learning son. Television films have dealt several times with the subject of cyberbullying, mostly among young people, as in the drama “Home Video”, which set standards in 2011.

Here it meets a young teacher, who grew up with the net and handles it quite impartially. She even poses for her class for the phone photo, which is later promptly held up. At the same time, however, Luisa is a woman who does not even see herself as a victim, but vehemently tries to defend herself, and it raises more and more envious villagers against them.

How Rosalie Thomass plays this development is an event. Thanks to her radiant appearance, her Luisa is a provocation for the long-established. Her belief that everything can be enlightened is unshakeable – and yet she has no chance. Too much she stands as a teacher in the field of vision. She is let down by her colleagues, led by the school principal (Johanna Gastdorf) as if she were a tribunal to the outraged parents – and sexually harassed by the local men on the telephone. Even her boyfriend turns away. Shortly before her collapse, she confronts the guys in the pub with their stupid sayings.

“Rufmord” deals with revenge and social ties

“Rufmord” does not only build on a strong leading actress, but stands out with its powerful, atmospheric imagery and its sophisticated dramaturgy far out of the monotony of the regional ZDF Monday movies. The crime elements are not here in the foreground. The Commissioner finds herself in Luisa’s position again, because she is similarly suspected of being in transit. It is played by Verena Altenberger, who will soon be seen on the ARD police call as successor to Matthias Brandt.

How tricky the drama plays not only with the subject of revenge, but above all with the fragility of social ties, that’s even really fun. “Rufmord” was nominated for all conceivable TV awards even before the ZDF broadcast, recently won both the jury prize and the Audience Award at the German Television Crime Festival in Wiesbaden – the young Swiss director Viviane Andereggen is the first woman to do so this succeeded.


character assassination– Monday, April 1st, 8:15 pm, ZDF