Erzhausen: Small aircraft crashed in asparagus field and caught fire – Three dead

Three dead
:Small plane crashes into asparagus field and burns out


The remains of a small plane lie on an asparagus field.



Erzhausen –

When a small aircraft crashed near an airfield in Egelsbach in southern Hesse, three people died according to initial findings. The machine crashed on an asparagus field in Erzhausen on Sunday, the police said.

According to initial findings, the six-seater machine burned out completely after their impact, said a police spokeswoman in Darmstadt. The debris field covers a radius of up to 20 meters. The accident site was cordoned off.

In addition to the officers of the Criminal Investigation Department, the Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation was also involved in the investigation into the cause of the accident, as the police further reported. In addition, numerous forces of police and rescue organizations of the surrounding communities at the crash site.

Only a few miles away from the crash site of the small plane two people were killed in a head-on collision between a police car and another car. (AP)