Langen: collision with police cars – two dead

On the way to the crash site
:Two people die in collision with police cars


Hessen, Langen: A completely destroyed patrol car after a head-on collision with an Opel on the B486 near Langen. After initial investigation, the three policemen in the patrol car were on the way to a crashed in Erzhausen small aircraft, as they collided with the car.



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Only a few kilometers away from the crash site of the light aircraft, which crashed into an asparagus field in Erzhausen and burned out, two people were killed in a head-on collision between a police car and another car.

As a spokesman for the police in Offenbach said on Sunday, the three inmates of the patrol car were seriously injured. The two inmates in the car of the alleged accident causer died.

Police officers were after first findings with blue lights on the way to the crash site of the aircraft, said a police spokeswoman. The plane crash killed three people. (AP)