Handball EHF Cup: Foxes are group winners

Handball EHF Cup
:Foxes are group winners

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Bravura in attack: Mattias Zachrisson



Mattias Zachrisson stood with his hands up in front of Fabian Wiede and nodded to his teammate. “Play me quietly. I know what to do “, it literally screamed out of his eyes. Because not Wiede was in the 38:23 (16:14) victory against Balatonfredi in the middle, but the Swede.

In the EHF Cup match, the foxes were able to play relaxed on Sunday afternoon, as the main rival for the group victory, Var St. Raphal, had lost the night before against Logroo. Nevertheless, after the performances of the past weeks, it was not just about two points, but equally about convincing in front of their own audience.

Zachrisson bravely in attack

In the attack Zachrisson fulfilled his task to the point bravurs. Here is a diagonal pass to the outside, as a trendy junction and if there was no gap for the secondaries, he just went himself. Whether stroke throw, breakthrough or classic Gegenstotor – the repertoire of the 28-year-old is wide and he showed that from minute one on the field.

However, the Berlin started slowly in the encounter and finally it was up to Zachrisson that the team could settle a bit. From the 8th to the 10th minute, he scored three goals in a row (7: 4) and let follow the game seven more hits. “I’ve been playing everywhere where it’s needed lately. That was also due to the injured. Sometimes it’s a bit hard to get into the game like that, but I’ll do anything to help the team, “Zachrisson said.

Berlin’s problem child: the defense

However, the problem child was once again the defense. In many cases, there were huge gaps in the Berliners, which made it easy for the Hungarians to score easy goals. Abandoned by their defense, neither Silvio Heinevetter nor Malte Semisch could take decisive action against it. Only in the second half Semisch important balls caught between the posts and gave his team thereby new impulses.

After 37 minutes, the foxes went into the lead with six goals (22:16) and steadily increased their lead from then on. A welcome comeback for Stipe Mandalinic, who got his first stints in the game and scored two goals. Managing Director Bob Hanning was glad to report: “That was a good sign today. We have not played such a good second half for a long time. “

Step towards title defense

This is another step towards defending the title. While Kiel with the victory in Group D as the host automatically in the Final Four on 17./18. May is set, the other group winners on the last weekend in April, the quarter-finals. Those who can expect foxes at home will decide on Tuesday via lot.