Heimpleite against Gppingen: Thick air in the Burrow

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Conducted his foxes in vain: coach Velimir Petkovic


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Berlin –

Shortly after the final whistle, the players rushed to the field, except for joy and their luck barely grasping. For the 6424 spectators in the Max-Schmeling-Halle this was not the hoped-for picture. The team that was celebrating in the field was not their own, but Frisch Auf! Gppingen.

While the Swabians got carried away to the winner’s dance, the foxes were disappointed after the 29:33 (15:13) defeat. However, captain Hans Lindberg had to admit that his team had lost deservedly: “We made an incredible number of mistakes in the attack and just played badly.”

Unbelievably many mistakes

The game started as the last one had stopped. Mijajlo Marsenic was free in the counterattack in front of the goal, rejected and picked up the corresponding Anranzer from his coach Velimir Petkovic. After only a minute, the Foxes coach was already at operating temperature: “I did not think that he could continue to sink in shape after the last game.”

Again and again he counted his protg, in which it did not work properly in the defense. Marsenic was emblematic of the whole team at that moment. From the start, the foxes looked nervous, allowed too much on the defensive and could not sink the ball in the goal in return.

Coach tries everything, nothing works

Petkovic responded and set the cover to a five-one, which could be prevented in a row many backdoor goals, while in the extended counterattack, the desired light hits. After a 6: 9 deficit, the Berlin developed in seven minutes a 3-goal lead. But after this strong intermediate sprint it went on as usual. Although the hosts were able to defend a small cushion up to the break, they were relegated to the game in the second half.

Technical errors, inaccuracies and insufficient aggression – all reasons why the foxes fell back further and further. On the other hand, Gppingen acted cleverer. Unmistakably from all positions, national player Marcel Schiller was able to lift his arms in the air nine minutes from time. With his eight goals, he was the best pitcher of the game, which repeatedly drove the Berlin to despair. A desperation, which was the players alone in their posture to look at.

“It’s easy. The militant component was crucial and we have lost deservedly. We should all be ashamed. First of all, because I have prepared the team badly and then the team for that performance today. We should not offer such a thing to the spectators. “, Summarized the coach and said goodbye to the cabin.